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Gunshine Review Genre: RPG Type: Free to Play Publisher: SUPERCELL Release: 2011   Gunshine is a free to play RPG game in which you join Resistance forces to battle the evil company called Labycore who run experiments on citizens of Dawnbreak City. Escape from Dawnbreak City   Dawnbreak City and the Escape:   That’s what you feel like when you enter the...
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Reviewed on:May 12, 2011


TRICKSTER Publisher: SG INTERACTIVE Free to Play MMORPG   Published by SG INTERACTIVE, Trickster is a fantasy MMORPG, casual gamers would love to play. The eccentric billionaire who passed away leaves a giant game company behind but he has a surprise as his testament.    T his is a very interesting game. World's largest game company's owner Don Cavalier dies...
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Reviewed on:March 29, 2011

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