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About Mascot is your source for MMO gaming. Launched in April 2011, has been providing MMO fans with in-detail reviews of MMO games. Apart from MMO reviews, offers informative articles, latest MMO news, interviews with developers and publishers, special offers, contests and MMO giveaways. delivers fresh MMO games content in a unique way that gamers benefit from. also welcomes MMO guilds/clans to join and enjoy gaming at a competitive level, providing them with its special offers, giveaways and MMO sponsorship programs. Team

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Founder & Editor In Chief:


Ince has been a long time gamer since the 90's. He is the oldest member of DevilsMMO team. Games were already his passion during the days of Atari 2600's, Commodore 64's and Amiga's. He still has his Amiga 600 running at his home. His adventure continues today on his Gamer PC that is always noisy and annoying to everyone around him. He occasionally writes on DevilsMMO Blog and you may see him anytime in TBS/RTS or sports games...

News editor, Events & Sponsorships Organizer

McArthur, C -

Celine is the most popular member of the DevilsMMO team. That's because she is the one to talk to if you are looking to get your guild/clan sponsored. Should you need someone to sponsor your events, contests and giveaways, Celine will love to help you. If you have e-mailed her recently, we know she has been playing The Secret World, so you might have to wait a little bit for a response! Oh and she is the one who writes all the latest news on the front page. What would we do without her?

Reviews Editor

Growcott, M. -

Mat joined DevilsMMO in 2011 and has been the most active reviews editor. He has played almost all MMO's but we have not seen him complain about it yet. We can't tell you which game he is playing these days because we can't keep up with him.

Web Development and Server Administration

Jackson, E. - He prefers to stay anonymous. :-)

Finance Officer

Cikrikc. H. -

Other Contributors and writers...

Davis, J. , Pikover, J. , Ceyhan, S. , Blain, M. , Bergenheim, K.



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