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Wolf Team review

Wolf Team review

MMOFPS review

 Genre: FPS Shooter MMO

 Publisher: Aeria Games



FPS games have become old hat in today’s gaming world. Everybody plays them, everybody knows what to expect from them and very rarely are people surprised. It’s not a problem, per se, there’s nothing wrong with feeling comfortable within a genre, but it’s not unusual to be able to see everything a shooter has to offer just by looking at the picture accompanying the download.

Wolf Team MMOFPS - Video Review

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Wolf Team positives

It’s a Competent Shooter – This is the most important thing in my eyes. Wolf Team could be the greatest wolf simulator of all time (and if that isn’t a genre, I want to know why not!) but that wouldn’t mean very much if the basic premise, the actually shooting, didn’t work. Thankfully, it’s a decent game on its own merits. It reminds me of the old Unreal games, which gives it a familiar if dated feel. If you’re sick of the over-complication of Call of Duty though, this is a nice antithesis.

Wolfteam review

Plenty to Do, Plenty to See – There are quite a few different game modes in Wolf Team - I’ve seen at least four or five - and each is different enough to warrant a quick look. Some will be based in the classic death match (kill more of the enemy than they kill of you), whilst others will add a more strategic bent. Whatever you choose, it’s easy to see that there’s something for everybody and that’s an important achievement for shooters today.

Plenty of Players – Another important thing for shooters is that there are plenty of people playing. It could be the best game in the world and, with nobody around it would still fall flat on its face. Wolf Team is well supported and, while it isn’t the nicest community in the world, you’re never going to struggle to find a game, so long as you’re not too fussy as to what sort of game you’re interested in playing.

Wolf Team Review - Neutrals

Nobody Likes Wolves – For the purposes of the accompanying video review, I decided I needed to play a death match game in which you can turn into a wolf. Considering that this the main hook of the game, you’d be surprised just how difficult it was to find a decently populated match with wolves in it. It seems that after the initial thrill of hitting ‘3’ and turning into a wolf has worn off, being mutilated randomly without warning loses its initial excitement.

Nobody likes Wolves in Wolf Team

The Graphics – I don’t mind retro style games and, in fact, there’s a big interest generally in games that look like they’re from prior to this generation. While I wouldn’t necessarily say that Wolf Team looks bad, it definitely looks dated, and that’s enough to put some people off.
Network Issues – I know I don’t have the best internet in the world at the minute. I can tell that because every time I look out my window, there’s a little man from BT Open Reach fiddling with wires and doing things he probably shouldn’t be. With that said, if somebody joins and everybody begins to complain about sudden lag, it makes it hard to blame your own connection.

Wolf Team Negatives

The Community Wolf Team is perhaps the stark opposite of DD Tank. The community never seems especially welcoming or even pleasant and god forbid you manage to get more than three or four kills in a row – somebody is bound to want to kick you from the game.

Wolf Team

Finding a Match – While there are plenty of games to choose from, finding a match that you actually want to play can be very difficult. Take for instance my search for a death match; I would choose a level and then find myself in a game in which you could only use grenades. The level of detail available when you’re actually choosing a game is limited and is enough to make things very difficult.  When you finally get into a game, you have no way of knowing just how far along the match is and it’ll probably end quickly, at which point everybody will leave.

Very frustrating

Recording Video – For the vast majority of people, this won’t be an issue, but if you plan to stream or record your video, you’re going to find yourself limited. There’s an in-game video recording feature or, if you use FRAPs or Bandicam, you can use them, but as soon as the game ends, so will your recording session. 

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