Free MMO and MMORPG online games list

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Free MMO Games list - categorized by genres

Free MMORPG games

MMORPG ; "Role Playing MMO Games" are for those who like to assume the roles of a character in a fictional setting like Azeroth of World of Warcraft.

Browser based MMO games

Browser MMO Games don't require any downloads. That's the beauty of it. Pick up an MMO and get instant access in your web browser, anywhere, anytime!

Free Shooter MMO games

First Person Shooters are always popular. MMO FPS games are no different! Only if you can handle the Intense action on a massive scale in Shooter MMO's!

Fantasy MMO and MMORPGs

Worlds of exciting adventures and challenging quests only for the brave ones in these free to play Fantasy MMO Games. See our daily updated list for the best of this MMO genre.

Free MOBA games

MOBA stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) Games and these games are only for the serious MMO gamers. Competition at its best!

Free Strategy MMO games - MMORTS and MMOTBS

Are you the strategy master? Strategy & War MMO Games include today's popular Real Time Strategy and Turn Based Strategy games

Action MMO and MMORPG games

Some prefer casual games and some live for action. These games offer massive action! If you dig action, and we mean some serious action, then check out these Action MMO games

Scientific Fiction Sci-Fi MMO games

Some of the popular Sci-Fi MMO games are based on Sci-Fi books and TV series such as Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek or Defiance to name a few. Purely for the Scientific Fiction fans...

MMO games for Mac

Now, we didn't forget about MAC users. Are you looking for the best free MMORPG games for Mac? Bookmark this list of free MMORPGs compatible with your beloved Mac.

Sports MMO games list

Take the action from the courts and pitches onto the internet and compete for that top space in the sports MMO genre. Gold, tennis, football, soccer, you name it! It's all massively sports.

Fighting MMO games

So you're up for a fist fight? And you think you've got what it takes to beat the most merciless fighters in the world with mind blowing combos, then continue to Fighting MMOs

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Free MMO Games List:

Looking for the the best free MMO and MMORPG games? We have categorized it all in this daily updated MMO list. Choose one of the genres below and play the newest, most popular and classic free MMORPGs. We also have detailed reviews with gameplay videos and screen-shots. This is all you need to find the best and new MMO games.  

So, how do we make this free MMO and MMORPG list ? editors play hundreds of free MMORPGs. Then they make a list of their favorite MMO games. Poorly designed and low value MMO games do not even make it into this list. This is to ensure the quality of the list and help our readers find the best free MMO games without spending all day on it. Each MMO is then placed into its category; sub-genre.  The list also includes a link to the in-detail MMO review of each game. And finally, if you have come to this page wondering what is an MMO, read the definition of MMO here->


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