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Planet Calypso Review

Planet Calypso Review   Free to play Sci-Fi MMO Developed by Mindark    Planet Calypso is a part of the Entropia Universe, a series of not-quite MMORPGs that largely fit the PlayStation Home/Second Life suite of games that allow you to play minigames, explore, socialize and dress up your character in interesting ways. Planet Calypso, however, IS a full-blooded Sci-Fi MMORPG, but the transition seems to have...
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Reviewed on:December 15, 2012

Everquest 2 Review

Everquest 2 Free to play MMORPG Publisher: Sony Online Entertainment Released: 2004 NOW WITH SCARS OF AWAKENED! It seems strange to be reviewing Everquest II, a massive eight years after it was originally released. Unleashed on the world around the same time as Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the gaming landscape was massively different then than it is today and, of course, the MMO world was...
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Reviewed on:September 2, 2012

TERA Review

TERA  Review Released: 2012 Publisher: En Masse   It's now free to play!   I played a great deal of TERA when it was released early last year, and for all its gorgeous graphics and impressive locales, there was still something about it that didn’t quite feel right. The developers pushed the boundaries – allowing MMO gamers to hook up a controlled for one of the first times – but it...
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Reviewed on:March 12, 2013

Heroes & Generals review

Heroes & Generals review with gameplay video [HD] Free to play MMOFPS First person shooter MMO game   The MMOFPS is getting bigger. Gone are the days where you could expect a shooter to be built around community features; today we want massive battlefields, real-time wars and more than six to eight enemies to shoot at. For obvious reasons, these sorts of features are only included in the very top tier titles, like...
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Reviewed on:April 6, 2013

APB Reloaded review

APB Reloaded MMO Review Publisher: Gamersfirst Free to Play Released: 2011 All-Points Bulletin was going to be something special, something we’d all wanted since GTA 3 hit PS3 in 2001 – a massively multiplayer cops and robbers game. One team would be the baddies, the other would fill the role of the goodies, and the two would clash over various pieces of territory. Unfortunately, it had far too many problems and...
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Reviewed on:March 6, 2013

Pockie Ninja Review

Pockie Ninja review Browser based anime game  Naruto and Bleach  Released: 2011 Pockie Ninja is a web-based MMO entirely unlike anything else on the market. Bringing together hit Anime/Manga Bleach and Naruto, fans will be able to interact and play as their favourite characters, as well as battle against other well-known figures. Gameplay is pretty lacklustre and completely unvaried – even worse than the...
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Reviewed on:March 16, 2013

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