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Counter Strike: Global Offensive Achievements List

06. September, 2012Tags: Counter Strike, MMO Blog

Counter Striker Global Offensive Achievements

Counter-Strike Global Offensive has been out on consoles now for a couple of weeks (unless you own a PS3 and live in the EU, in which case it hasn’t been out at all). For some, that’ll mean the kills have started racking up a little more regularly and you’ve started to get the hang of the out of the ordinary recoil system. For others, it’ll be time to settle down and start working towards that platinum trophy. And, just in time, the DevilsMMO crew is here to provide you with the hows, where's and why's of achievements success on the console version of the game.



Naturally, there’s also a PC version of the guide on its way, but with 167 achievements to unlock on Steam, that’s quite a bit of a bigger job and will be along in some form over the next month or so. For the time being, these achievements also appear in the PC version of the game and, if you don’t already have them, should keep you going for a couple of weeks.


On PC, many of these achievements can be gained in an offline match against bots with a difficulty of medium or above. It seems (from a little research) that the same can be said for the console version, so it’s definitely worth checking out as an “easy” alternative to playing against other real people (although even that isn’t difficult for the most part).

Counter Strike Global Offensive Achievements List

Also worth mentioning are the groups that run servers JUST for the acquisition of trophies/achievements. If you’re struggling with a certain trophy, just go ahead and seek out one of these groups for a sure-fire way of getting the platinum.

Trophy/Achievement Guide
CS:GO Platinum

PS3 Only – you’ll be rewarded this trophy after all your sweat, tears and blood have been paid into getting all the other trophies on this list. That’s a slight exaggeration, Valve seem to have chosen the easiest achievements to bring over to consoles and it’s fully possible to get the platinum within five games.

CS Global Offensive Review

Check out our CS Global Offensive review with gameplay video

Shot With Their Pants Down

This trophy/achievement will be rewarded to you for shooting an enemy who’s reloading. It’s not exactly the sort of thing that you can out and out say “go here, do this” about, so you’ll just luck out probably sooner rather than later and the achievement will pop up. If you really want a “mechanical” way of getting this achievement, my guess is you’re most likely to get it on the pistol round during a one-on-one shootout.

Achivements Guide for CS Global Offensive

Make the Cut

Kill an enemy with a knife while the enemy has his knife drawn as well. This is actually more difficult than it seems and, unless you’re trying to get it or are a part of knife only game with friends, it isn’t necessarily going to happen on its own. Remember: this isn’t Call of Duty and a single knife slash is unlikely to finish the other guy off, so be careful.

Eye to Eye

Aim down the scope of your sniper rifle and kill somebody also aiming down the scope of their sniper rifle. If you use a sniper rifle at all, you’re likely to get this trophy/achievement very, very quickly, especially if you play on maps like Dust 2.

Bunny Hunt

Kill an enemy who is airborne. It’s not something you see very often, unless you’re on a specific map. Check out something like Baggage, with multiple levels, for a better chance of getting this trophy/achievement.

Magic Bullet

This trophy/achievement will be awarded to you when you kill an enemy with the last bullet in your magazine. You can’t use a sniper rifle on this one, so try with desert eagle or a shotgun. I’m not sure I’d feel confident enough in getting a one-shot kill with either of those weapons that I’d suggest emptying all your bullets but one,  but this is one of those achievements that will happen at some point naturally anyway.

Blind Fury

Flashbangs are an important part of Counter-Strike and there’s absolutely no way you won’t get flashed at some point, probably sooner rather than later. While I know that sounds like a night out in Birmingham, it also spells out the first part of getting this trophy. Just hang around near narrow passageways (like the Long Doorways area of Dust 2) and it’ll only be a matter of time until you’re flashed. From there, shoot like hell and hope the bullets hit their mark.

Global Offensive Blind Fury

Blast Will and Testament

Pick up the bomb from a fallen ally, deliver it to one of the targets and plant it. It sounds more complicated than it is, the biggest issue being the enemy team. If they’re too hard, you’ll find yourself in the same state as your ally. If they’re too easy, your teammates will destroy them before you get chance to plant. Just keep going for it and it’ll happen eventually.

Born Ready

This trophy/achievement is awarded for shooting an enemy with your first bullet after the respawn protection is gone in the arms race mode. This is another that sounds more complicated than it actually is. Arms race, especially on Baggage, tends to work in a kind of to and fro sort of style. The enemy team will overrun your respawn area and then you’ll overrun their respawn area. For the first couple of seconds after you respawn (or after you shoot your first bullet), you’ll be invincible to enemy attack. Simply aim carefully (you can’t be hurt after all) and get a headshot for a decent chance at getting this trophy/achievement. If it doesn’t work the first time, another opportunity will no doubt be right around the bend.

The Unstoppable Force

Kill four enemies within a single round. This is one I’d probably suggest playing against bots for because, frankly, they tend to stick together and your allies tend to be weak enough that you can either steal the kill or sneak a headshot while they’re firing at the chest. It’s, of course, not impossible against other players, but it’s not recommended either.

The Cleaner

Like the previous trophy/achievement, but it has to be done on classic mode and you have to kill five enemies. Again, play against bots and this should come with time.

Dead Shepherd

This one might end up being one of those where you get rather frustrated if it keeps going wrong. You have to kill an enemy who is leading hostages without injuring one of the hostages. If you’re a snap shot with a sniper rifle or if you attack from the right angle, this should be easy, otherwise it could be very hard. My suggestion here is to wait for the exact right moment, stalk the hostages (and their “shepherd”) and get them at the perfect time. Rushing in might get you the trophy/achievement quicker, but then again it might not.


Get the first kill in Arms Race or Demolition. Not tips to give here, just be quick and shoot accurately and this is yours. The big question is how in the hell this ended up being a gold.

Still Alive

This one will be netted if you cast for thirty seconds with less than 10 health remaining in Arms Race or Demolition. Choose Arms Race (unlimited respawn means you can try again instantly if you fail) and watch your health like a hawk. If it drops below 10, run to safety. Hide where you can and, remember, be ready to shoot if you need to. There’s no way you can win in an open shootout with somebody with full health, but hiding in a corner isn’t likely to do you any favours either. Your best bet is to find somewhere with only one route of access (or at least a likely route of access) and be ready to shoot at the head when and if you need to. I got this by accident and it’s far easier than it sounds.

CS Global Offensive Insurgent Achivement


The last weapon in Arms Race is a gold knife. Logically that means that there will be at least one person with this weapon in every single Arms Race that’s played through to completion and, chances are, more than one person will have access to it. Simply kill one of these enemies and you’ll get the trophy/achievement.


If an individual kills you time and time again, you’ll begin to be dominated by that player. Kill that player and you’ll get this trophy/achievement. This one is easily gotten when playing with bots, but an average player will get it naturally.

Repeat Offender

This is the exact opposite of Insurgent.  You’ll get Repeat Offender for dominating an enemy. Again, you’ll get this naturally before long, but play the bots if you want it quickly and easily.


Finishing up this trilogy of trophies/achievements, Overkill has you killing an enemy you’re already dominating. It only takes a single kill after you’re told you’re dominating, so if you’ve got Repeat Offender, you’ll likely get this.


This’ll be the most difficult trophy to grab if you try to get it naturally.  You have to get through to the end of an Arms Race without dying once. It’s possible in online games – I’ve seen it more than once and it’s fairly amazing to see – but not if you’re just trying to get the trophies quickly without building up your skill. The best way of getting it, I’m told, is to get all the way to the gold knife and then swap teams. You’ll keep the golden knife, but lose your deaths.  

This concludes our Counter Strike Global Offensive Achievements List for now. Stay tuned for more coverage on CS Global Offensive.


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