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Defiance Diary: Co-Op episode

19. May, 2013Tags: Defiance, Defiance Diary, MMO Blog

Defiance diary co-op episode.Defiance diary continues with episode 4. This week we wanted to take a break from main missions and take a closer look at other game modes in game. Before we go into highly competitive deathmatch mode, we are looking at the Co-Op mode. Co-Op mode in Defiance is going to offer story based missions. In this first map we play, we are helping out Varus recover the technology Raiders have stolen from him. Continue reading to watch this action packed Defiance Co-Op episode.


Defiance Co-Op

Playing a game like Defiance on solo is fine. It's actually one of the best shooters out there that allows you to enjoy the game on your own. However, it's an MMO and playing an MMO is supposed to be a lot more than just solo experience. So what are the options in Defiance? First of all, the random events and missions are open to multiplayer action. You can go ahead and help out someone if they are in trouble. Arkfall events are also great to group up. You can do these forever as there is an event almost at every corner of the map and it's easy to get involved.

Defiance gameplay video: Episode #4

Today we will be looking at co-op feature. Co-Op is the ultimate experience to me in any online game. Let it be an MMO or the first type of multiplayer games back in early 2000s. Playing a mission with another person is absolutely fun. In Defiance, there are co-op instances. You can queue up for a co-op map and when there are 4 players in the queue, the game starts.

Last week I wanted to try it out. I hadn't done that earlier because I wanted to get some upgrades and experience before I jumped into Co-Op. I had no idea how challenging it would be but I wanted to make sure I had some firepower and enough experience for it. In other words, I didn't want to be the noob of the team. (it's not like I was the best in the end either)


Defiance co-op screenshot 1

So I dived into the queue and after 4-5 mins of waiting, the map loaded and the mission began with a cutscene. So, the mission is called Soleptor Excavation. The Raiders have stolen Ridgecrest mine from Varus and he needs a team to breach the excavation site and recover the technology. And now we are a part of this four man team. 

The co-op map has a linear gameplay. You don't have too many options and there is only one path to take so you don't even worry about navigation. You just follow Varus who desperately needs our help. I like the humor elements in this episode. Varus has a big mouth, that probably gets him in trouble all the time. (you will see how at the end of the episode)

Defiance co-op monsters

I actually had pretty good team mates in this one. Except for one of them who stayed behind a few times, everyone did well taking down opponents. If you want tips for Defiance co-op, let me give you a few.

  • Make sure you know your role. If there is a player who takes the lead and storms into the enemies, stay behind a little and support him with a sniper rifle. It's easier to take down mutants if you can shoot them in the head.
  • Make sure you also watch out for grenades. At times you don't know if there is someone behind you, especially when there are too many enemies around. 
  • Don't forget to fill your ammo, there are ammo crates around. You can't miss them.
  • Don't forget to use your skills. Overcharge works great in co-op.
  • If you can, get your headset on and communicate with other players.
  • There are mutants with shields. You can't kill them from front. You need to use a grenade or you can try to get behind him and shoot him. Another good strategy is for your team mate to keep him distracted while you take him from sides or behind.

Co-Op was absolutely fantastic in Defiance. If Trion Worlds can keep on adding new episodes this is going to keep players addicted to this mode. I know I am. Enjoy the gameplay video and go test it yourself and let us know what you think! See you in the next episode next Sunday... 

Defiance co-op Soleptor Excavation end boss

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