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Defiance Diary ep3: RM Nomad V6

10. May, 2013Tags: Defiance, Defiance Diary, MMO Blog

Defiance diary episode 3Defiance is not a free game. It's buy to play, and in most buy-to-play MMOs, I never feel like purchasing an extra. I have to admit it was never my intention to purchase an item in Defiance at such an early stage. For me, the first three months in any MMO is an early stage to consider purchasing a (Premium) item. In Defiance, I was always going to break my own rule. In this third episode of the Defiance Diary, I start with RM Nomad V6 Camo because I knew it would be fun! 

Defiance, as I have said this several times before, has a very special place in my list of MMOs. The synchronized launch with SyFy’s new TV show “Defiance”, and the lack of a Sci-Fi series since the end of Battlestar Galactica, and years after my beloved Stargate SG-1, I was waiting for Defiance to get released and queench my thirst. For a TV show and for a Sci-Fi MMO. So far, I have been satisfied.

The TV Show is not spectacular and I am sure many of you have already dismissed it but I am not planning to stop watching it anytime soon, not with this Defiance Diary I plan to continue making.

This week, I was certain that I’d get one of the vehicles. I had hesitated when I first considered pre-ordering Defiance to get the Dodge Challenger. But then, I didn’t. I guess I didn’t have high hopes for just another vehicle and I was not interested at all. Soon after the release of the game, I knew I had made a mistake.

As soon as I laid my hands on Defiance during the Beta, I knew that developers had done an amazing job, getting the vehicles right in terms of gameplay. Often, I am disappointed with driving mechanics in MMOs. In Defiance, this is flawless.

When I had my time with the default bike, I knew I was going to make an exception and start purchasing some in-game currency, which is  called “Bits” in Defiance.

I had my eyes on RM Nomad V6 Camo. You can buy an RM Nomad V6 starting at 640 bits. I wanted to get the black/grey one and it cosed my 960 bits.

Defiance vehicle - RM Nomad V6 Camo

RM Nomad V6 Camo looks amazing. See that in the video and you will agree! First of all you can have a passenger with you if you like and RM Nomad is powerful. This beast is fast and it is really durable. When I felt comfortable with driving the vehicle, I wanted to put it to test. The first test was going to involve smashing some mutants. What else! You will feel like you’re crushing bugs when you drive over most mutants. Just don’t even get too close and stop, as for some reason, some of the mutants are able to damage your Nomad V6 quite quickly and it will explode in a matter of seconds. The shield is pretty good against bullets.

If you saw the first video I made and published earlier this week, you've already seen that I crushed a dozen of mutants for some quick kills and experience. That was fun but the real deal was going to be a co-op mission.

I looked for an Arkfall and while I was looking around, I noticed a Hellbug Destruction event. This little event gives players the chance to join forces and destroy a crystal. The task seems simple but continuously spawning hellbugs make it as hard as it gets. This time, myself and another player with a vehicle was there to assist a group of players. This is the perfect combination if you’re looking to join a Hellbug Destruction like this. The idea was simple. I was taking out all the hellbugs while the players on feet took care of the crystal. The trick is to keep driving in circles and drive over the giant hellbugs as soon as they appear. If you’re careful, you will get through this without any problems. I failed only twice but I was able to survive the explosion of the vehicle and it only takes about 30 seconds to re-call you the RM  Nomad V6. Thanks to two vehicles driving in circles, it took only about 7 minutes to destroy the crystal and grab 2000 experience points. I had 43 kills in this session but the ranking is based on damage to the crystal, so it’s a matter of choice… I guess everyone should accept a role but I was hoping for a better score with 43 kills, which was more than the total of other players. This was fun regardless and the reward was satisfactory (2000 XP). See the video and you will most definitely be checking out the vehicles in store next time you logon. If you ask me which vehicle to purchase in Defiance, I can’t recommend the RM Nomad V6 Camo enough. I hope you enjoyed the videos and we'll see you in another episode of Defiance Diary next weekend!

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