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Defiance Diary Episode #5: Where are you Von Bach!

02. June, 2013Tags: Defiance, Defiance Diary, MMO Blog

Defiance diary episode 5 - Into the Depths
I don't know when and how I got distracted. Maybe it was the TV Show, or maybe it was the attraction of the Co-Op mode and the always entertaining challenge modes, I somehow didn't proceed with the story as much as I could have. Nevertheless, here we are hoping to help Cass and find Karl Von Bach before he gets lost again. At least we have a clue this time. But wait a minute, wasn't he the one who got us all in trouble? Oh well, let's just go and save him first.

I have always found Von Bach to be an annoying fellow. His history, the way he speaks and acts and all that mystery revolving around him. So this week, before you watch our Defiance episode 5, let me tell you a little bit about Karl Von Bach. I did my research! Or you can read it after the video...

Defiance Diary Episode 5 - Gameplay Video

Who is Karl Von Bach

Von Bach worked at a company called Dynamech for a long time. He then found his own company, the famous "Von Bach Industries". The very VBI that we have known since the teaser sites for Defiance. Enthusiasts will remember the teaser site Trion Worlds had launched for Defiance months before the game's announcement.

Von Bach detected the technology that detected the Votan Ark fleet. He was also responsible for creating deadly weapon used during the Pale Wars. His nickname was since "Death's Merchant". Later, he tried to find a technology to fix the planet Earth. He still does try! When I found him in game, and you will see yourself when you complete this week's mission, he will tell you himself. With all his EGO (not the one that's helpful) he still believes he is going to be the one that fixes the planet. (after ruining it.)

T4 Titan - Defiance

When we began our Defiance diary, we were on the same stratocarrier that Von Bach was on, going to the Bay Area to find the missing parts of the Arktech. The carrier was shot down but Von Bach was able to eject himself and survived the crash.

Von Bach, who survived the crash, headed North and hid himself inside a locker in the Delta Bunker West. In this episode, me and Cass will be saving his butt, once again. Karl Von Bach must be rescued.


Cass is a typical Irathient Ark Hunter. She doesn't play games and she is strong. She has a big mouth too. As soon as she is around, you know trouble is near. I could be driving around for ages and I'd get by for days. I might run into a giant hellbug or two but then I know I'd be safe. When Cass shows up, I know it's time to load up on ammo and prepare for action.

Defiance- into the depths

In most MMOs, you don't get help from these iconic characters you are asked to accompany. Cass, oh well, she is not too bad, she does help and she tries to stay alive but as the real hero, you are still going to have to watch her back and yours...

The Titan T4 - Hauler

If we go back to our adventure, Cass shows up, scaring the hell out of us initially in one of those T4 Titan / Hauler right near Von Bach's capsule. That's one hell of a massive truck and we get to drive this baby, even for a few hours... Cass makes sure we know the truck is not going to stay with us after the mission.(We save Von Bach but they can't give us one of these!)

In the capsule we find a recorder and in it there is a note from Von Bach. While Cass prays that he didn't go north, lucky us, he did. What did you expect! As Cass finds out that Von Bach possesses and ark-core (he had to mention that, didn't he!) she gets furious, almost kicking our butt out of anger! But then she knows she needs us, at least to drive the Titan...

Defiance diary episode 5

Cass says there are signal scanners in the truck and that we need to place them around the irea to triangulate his whereabouts. If that sounds easy, just wait till you watch the video! Every spot that is ideal to place the scanners, is full of ugly mutants. This time tho, we only need to securely place a scanner and run away.

Who is the boss?

Cass is the boss here guys, no doubt'bout that. You will see that in the video. I don't know about you humans but, us Irathients are too nice when there is a hot lady around and boy she is hot! This mission is all about finding where Von Bach is and clear the bunker of all mutants before he can get out of the locker he is hiding in! The bunker is not the hardest challenge you will ever have in the game but it's not easy either. You have limited space and it's a matter of seconds before you find yourself surrounded by 5 mutants. I think I had to extract two or three times. There is an advanced weapon near the end too. I think it was the pulverizer, I wasn't sure as it didn't say anything but "advanced weapon". However it generates a shield so it has to be pulverizer. Nevertheless make sure you use it with melee attacks. I will let you enjoy the rest of the gameplay in the video.

Defiance diary explosion in the bunker

I have to be honest here, I really didn't give a jek about Von Bach but I couldn't miss the chance of seeing his face when Cass had her hands on him! And she did... Enjoy the video and make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on Google Plus for more on Defiance and other MMO games. Until next Sunday, stay Defiant.

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