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Devil's Daily: A Digital Future

25. June, 2013Tags: MMO Blog

The idea of a completely digital future is one that's been discussed often lately, thanks to the Xbox One and its attempts at changing the way we interact with our content. MMO gamers have been living the digital life for years, but perhaps even they would rather have certain things delivered on disk? Who doesn't love the idea of a content-filled special edition, or a fresh "new game smell?"

And then the disk drive in your PlayStation 3 breaks and you realize that going fully digital might not be all that bad...

There are a million things that can go wrong with a machine, and although many of those things can be summed up with a blanket expression - HDD failure, overheating - the reality can be a little different. These things might go wrong at any time and for very little reason. It's all part of everything you buy having a limited shelf life.

In regards to the Xbox One, there were a lot of people who would say things like "what if Microsoft shut off their servers? You won't be able to play any longer!"

Battle for Graxia

We in the MMO world are no strangers to seeing games shut off with little notice. Battle for Graxia basically disappeared over night a few weeks ago. But the idea that we can only access things that we've bought with permission from some digital overlord is something that gamers were not yet ready to embrace, and perhaps rightly so. 

But looking forward at potential problems is an odd thing to do. My PS3 is broken and I couldn't have seen it coming. It makes me appreciate more the idea of having my games and all of my saves both on my HDD and in the cloud, but it doesn't make me want to actively avoid anything with a disk drive. I know that these things might fail, like anything else may fail, but if you stop buying things based on the potential that they might one day be unusable, you'll never buy anything.

And this is my point for tonight, my final thought. PC gamers, but more specifically MMO gamers, are leading a new wave. Almost everything we play is digital-only, and for the most part the world hasn't crashed and hell hasn't frozen over. We're single handedly proving that digital-only can work - under the right circumstances - and that, in time, everybody will come to accept it.

Feels pretty good to be a real pioneer, even when you're only grinding, doesn't it?

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