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Firefall BattleFrames : Mammoth

29. March, 2013Tags: Firefall, MMO Blog

Firefall MammothRed 5's shooter Firefall has recently received another major update which has brought mankind on the verge of extinction. How? Well, the Chosen are now raiding every watch tower and they are getting more and more aggressive attacking Accord facilities. In order to protect the facilities and keep the evil forces of The Chosen outside, players need to equip their battleframes and join in for random events. Seriously folks, I have seen over 20 Chosen units at one watch tower and it was very hard to protect the tower.

Firefall: Mammoth

Talking about battleframes, we will be taking a closer look at the latest battleframes available in Firefall. Choosing the right battleframe for the right mission is critical. Critical enough that it could easily kill you... Today, we begin with the Omnidyne-M : Mammoth battleframe. Mammoth is available for purchase for 100 Red Beans. Let's take a quick look at it before you get your own.
Firefall - Mammoth Battleframe
The Omnidyne-M: the Mammoth uses a Plasma HMG and defensive energy shields and domes. It also has a personal arcport to travel great distances. 
Mammoth is one giant battlframe best for defense minded players. If you like recon like me, this battleframe is not for you. It's powerful but it's also very slow. It has got some defensive abilities though. The teleport ability lets you teleport yourself to a target location (you point to the destination and click.)
Firefall - Mammoth Battleframe screenshot 2
The two shielding abilities, dome and energy shield are good for short durations. You can use the dome to protect your allies too and use the energy shield to either defend yourself or attack and kill enemies aggressively. Maybe if the cool downs were a little shorter, these could have been used these more effectively. Unfortunately, if you are surrounded by 3-4 enemies, don't trust these shields for too long. I have tried and failed. Trust me. 
Firefall - Mammoth Battleframe screenshot 3
Customize your battleframe
The plasma gun is pretty powerful but it takes about 1.5 seconds to start firing and you can't depend on it if you are caught off guard. It's best to keep on firing once you got an enemy in your cross-hair. It so powerful and it does fire for long enough to kill any enemy with one round. 
I couldn't use teleport much to be honest. I think maybe if you wanted to elude multiple enemies, or if you were stuck in the middle of enemies, you could use it but it doesn't really help much if you are looking to use it regularly. It could help to climb up obstacles or quickly avoid an attack but I have not tried it enough yet.
Firefall - Mammoth Battleframe screenshot 5
Very heavy...
Mammoth is a decent battleframe and if you build on it and get some upgrades, you can become a killing machine with a ton of firepower. If you know where your enemies are, Mammoth does the job but don't ever get caught off-guard because it's slow and you won't be able to escape and despite its shielding abilities, it doesn't last forever. Keep in mind folks, I have not played with Mammoth much yet so these are only my initial thoughts and expert suggestions will follow soon. Do subscribe to Firefall tag below if you care for updates on Firefall battleframes and Firefall. In the next article, we will be looking at another Firefall battleframe. And as always please share your thoughts on Firefall Battleframes in the comment section below.
Firefall - Mammoth Battleframe screenshot 6
the Energy Shield
Firefall - Mammoth Battleframe screenshot 7
Dome shield can protect you and your allies
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