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Firefall Diary episode 1: Thumping Basics

24. June, 2013Tags: Firefall, MMO Blog

Firefall diary episode 1Firefall Diary is a new series at DevilsMMO. From this Monday, we will be taking you to New Eden every week for a new adventure in Red 5 Studios' free to play shooter MMO "Firefall". In this opening episode, we are going to start with the basics of resource extracting. In Firefall, collecting resources is done using a Thumper. With a Thumper and a scanner device, you can detect resources under ground and extract them by drilling into the ground with your Thumper device. 

Thumping in Firefall

Thumping is done to extract Resources from the ground. Why do we need resources in Firefall? You need resources for crafting. In order to start thumping, you need a Thumper and a Scanner.

Once you have the two devices (these are easily obtained through the early missions in Firefall), scan with your scan hammer and find out the ideal place to start thumping. Basically, the scanner sends out waves to detect the availability/density of valuable resources under the ground. You can tell from the color of the waves. The color of the waves tell you if there are only traces of resources, a single vein, multiple veins or even if there is an active Thumper nearby.

Once you decide where to place your Thumper, call upon your Thumper and look up! 

You can have different types of Thumpers. A personal stock Thumper is the entry level Thumper that has only 250 resource capacity and rewards 3000 XP. Meanwhile there are Light, Medium, Heavy Personal and Squad Thumpers. Each of these Thumpers come with a stock capacity and the Squad Thumpers distribute the capacity among squad members. So if you are looking to do Thumping as a squad, you need to have a Squad Thumper.

So, is that it? You scan for resources, find a good spot and Thump your way freely… Not quite… When you start thumping, the drilling is going to attract enemies, like a worker aranhas, or even a sieger aranhas… You need to defend your Thumper while it’s filling its capacity with resources. You can always abort the Thumping if you think you can’t hold off the enemies any longer. Once you hit 100% capacity, your Thumper will stop and you will receive rewards. The higher the capacity, the larger the group of enemies will be attacking a Thumper. So, for the squad thumpers, it gets really ugly once you are 75% capacity and up.

Firefall Thumping Basics - 01

With the Chosen units attacking towers constantly, it may get out of control if you are thumping close to a group of enemies. Once you’re thumping, this doesn’t mean that only the spawning aranhas are going to attack your Thumper. Any random enemy in proximity will be attacking it.

At early stages of the game, you will have a personal stock thumper. Make sure you practice with it and try to collect resources as many as you can, as extra resources can never hurt.

We will be going into Advanced Thumping in the coming weeks but until then, watch the video, and try to stay away from dangerous zones if you are new with Thumping. Good luck!

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