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Ghost Recon Online Tips & Hints

25. January, 2013Tags: Ghost Recon Online, MMO Blog

Ghost Recon Online tipsGhost Recon Online is a fantastic shooter completely unlike any other free-to-play game you’ll have played. Gone are the mad rush to get the first kill, gone are the Rambo-like sprint into open spaces and the ability to come through unharmed. Ghost Recon Online is about thinking through your actions, about having a steady hand and using the environment and tech to your advantage. Below are a few hints and tips designed to get you through your first few games and onto the path to success. There’s no way to become an amazing player without practising, but fixing small imperfections in your style will go a long way towards reversing that negative K/D. As always, if you have hints and tips of your own, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.


Starting Out

Keeping Classy

Ghost Recon Online allows you to change your class whenever you’d like out of game. That means that if you hate a certain weapon (or even a whole weapon type), you only have to play for about forty minutes before you can change everything around (you wouldn’t just quit, would you?). The truth is, not everybody is cut up to be a perfect-shot sniper and others just won’t cope going head to head with an enemy operative. Our key word in these guides is “experiment,” and this goes doubly for a game that’s unlike anything else on the market. Going third person and taking away the instant respawn fixes a lot of people’s aim. This isn’t Call of Duty, and mistakes will be punished far harsher than in a first person game.


Picking a Weapon

Each class has its own weapon set. You can purchase new weapons if you’re in the mood to do that, but the basics to get you through a match alive are there right from the very beginning. As always, experiment to find something to match your play style and, if something isn’t working, change it whenever you get the chance.

It seems obvious to say it, but sometimes it’s not. If you want to shoot over long distances, use a sniper rifle. If you want to shoot over medium-to-short distances, use an assault rifle. For best experience, match your weaponry to how you play, or else you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage, as well as your team.

Increasing Kills

Take it Slow

Like most third person action games, Ghost Recon Online is a cover based game and it’s important to remember that at all times. The difference between surviving a match practically unscathed and having a death count in double digits is being away of your own position at all times. If there’s any chance that you might be killed in the new future, find a way to move and do it as quickly and as safely as possible. It doesn’t matter if you’re one shot away from a kill, it doesn’t matter if you reckon you can take the attacker – it’s just not worth the risk.

Ghost Recon Online - picking weapons

Take your game slow, learn how to look after yourself and how to handle the limitations of your play style and of your class. Once you’re done looking after yourself, the only thing left is to get the kills.

Carry on Camping

Camping is a frowned-upon part of multiplayer games, but that’s mostly because it works. A sniper in the right place, hidden well and with a little skill will easily take down the enemy time and time again with little to no risk to themselves. Ghost Recon Online’s maps aren’t designed in such a way that you’ll be able to shoot across to spawn points and you’re never going to be in a position where you can’t be flanked, but you should definitely play clever. If you find yourself in a position where the enemy is charging towards you repeatedly, punish them for it.

And, as above, be aware of your surroundings when you do so.

Ghost Recon Online

Know the Map

This point really ties up my last two; knowing the maps is an incredibly important part of learning any multiplayer game. Being able to disappear at a moment’s notice is a fantastic skill, even more so when you consider that appearing from a different direction is equally as deadly. Using the cloaking skills, mixed with a knowledge of the area you’re attacking will give you a huge advantage on the leader boards.

There aren’t a huge amount of maps in Ghost Recon Online, so it shouldn’t take you too long to learn the lay of the land. Use your knowledge to your advantage, never let the enemy know where you’re coming from.

Winning the Match

Gaining Objectives

You see it in every single objective based online video game – people that just can’t be bothered. They came into a match hoping to get a lot of kills, a decent amount of headshots and the satisfaction of knowing the “lesser” players are busy doing the classless job of capturing important points.

The problem being, the “lesser” players would be doing so much better if you positioned yourself decently and worked with them rather than against them. Ghost Recon Online is an objective based game and I can’t stress enough that that’s exactly what you should be aiming for. Capturing an area is as easy as standing within a marked area, and picking off players on the opposite team – especially players who are equally as uninterested in defending/capturing areas – is doing nothing to fulfil that really easy task.

Just to take this one step further: if you HAVE to be one of these people, don’t then blame everybody else for the team losing. We get it, you have great aim. USE it.


Communication is a rare thing in online games, even in an age that offers free, clear voice to voice chat and a multitude of video game companion programs for text. That doesn’t mean that YOU shouldn’t act as part of a team. You don’t need to be speaking with another individual, but you can see what they’re doing, you can see the locations in which they die and you can see what they’re trying to achieve. Read your teammates, let them take the risks – your score (and the score of your team) will be better for it.


If you’re a console gamer, Ghost Recon Online will be fairly easy to pick up and play. It very much feels like a console game and a continuation of the series’ style as a whole. If you have less experience, you’ll need to learn a few things; you’ll want to change your play style and accept that this isn’t a game in which rushing in accomplishes anything.

Once you’ve learnt how best to approach matches, you’ll see your game turn around completely. In the meantime, watch for mistakes and correct them. Do share your own tips for Ghost Recon Online in the comments section below.

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