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RaiderZ Hints & Tips For Beginners

18. January, 2013Tags: MMO Blog, Raiderz

RaiderZ Tips and HintsRaiderZ is one of the major surprises from last year and my current free-to-play MMORPG to beat in 2013. Whether it’s following an interesting story or fighting giant, deadly monsters, RaiderZ has you covered, and presents it all in a nice looking environment. It can’t be all that easy though, right? Below are some hints and tips to get you started in the world of RaiderZ and to keep you alive against even the hardest bosses. As always, if you’ve been playing the game and have some RaiderZ hints and tips of your own, be sure to jump into the comment section below and share, share, share.


System Problems


My big issue with RaiderZ is that there are times when the frame rate will be sub-ten frames per second. That’s pretty frustrating when you have a decent gaming rig and you’ve seen it pull 60FPS in the same game at other times. My first suggestion is to try out the usual frame-boosting techniques – lower the resolution and graphical options – and then to try and time your gaming at a different hour of the day. If need be, download a different geographical client (EU/US) to fit with the time you can play and see if that makes a difference.

RaiderZ Collosal Monsters

Dealing with the Chat Box

The other annoyance in RaiderZ is the amount of spam going on in the chat box. There are at least a few messages a second telling you to go to some website to buy cheap gold/sex aids and it’s hard to ignore something moving so quickly on screen. More annoying: this is a game about teamwork and that chat box would have been really handy otherwise. Until Perfect World sort out this issue, I strongly suggest getting a third party app – something like TeamSpeak and playing with friends via that. If you meet people in game and want to team up, again, just invite them to a group chat out of game.

First Steps

Picking a character

Some people tend to hesitate when creating a character; it’s usually a one-stop choice and it can alter your play experience entirely (not to mention the difficulty of the game, if the balance isn’t all that good). While I’d still suggest to read through the classes on the opening screen thoroughly, it’s not as big a deal in RaiderZ as it has been in previous games. Classes are a rather loose idea in this game, and you can swap weapons and abilities fairly easily. Of course, if you’re still not happy with the way your character is turning out, there’s absolutely nothing to stop you creating a new character and starting again.

RaiderZ Characters


The beginning of the game, so long as you’re speaking to everybody with a quest, offers a few nice missions on crafting and will help prepare you for your first fights against big monsters. These quests will net you experience and better items at a time when it’s very important to have them and I strongly suggest you look around, fight everything in your way (for crafting material) and experiment with as many items as you can.

Complete the Quests

Use your mini-map constantly, I can’t overstate this enough. It shows people giving quests, it shows the best area to complete a quest and it’s your first step towards boosting that level and gaining access to new and more interesting skills. Quests will also give you a deeper understanding of the RaiderZ world and it’s actually worth reading the descriptions occasionally. If nothing else, this will prepare you better for bigger fights and harder story-related quests later on.

Fighting Force

Practise Makes Perfect

There are two distinct types of monster in RaiderZ. The first is your regular enemy. These can come in all shapes and sizes and are likely to be milling about in large groups. They don’t tend to attack unless you attack them first and many can be killed before they even manage to get off a single hit (specifically if you’re a long distance attacker). The other type of monsters should be viewed as “bosses,” although you’ll also find them outside of quests. These are harder to kill, do more damage with a wider array of moves and shouldn’t be taken on lightly.

RaiderZ Array of Moves

Be sure to fight the smaller monsters whenever you come across them. The experience you gain really adds up (slowly but surely) and you’ll pick up items for crafting. It’ll also give you a chance to perfect your dodging in a low-risk situation and test out new weapons without fear of getting in too close.

Taking on the Titans

As with much of RaiderZ, I’d suggest taking the fights against those bigger monsters slightly slower than you would in other games. Play it safe, because a couple of moves from these things are going to knock you off your feet and force you to either respawn or use and item. Dodge then attack, because attacking first is a little too risky.

RaiderZ screenshots and tips

Most importantly, get to know your enemy. Learn the best way of avoiding damage and the patterns that a given enemy will adhere to, then take advantage of that knowledge. You might not win every fight, you might not have full health after each battle, but you’re more likely to be successful if you try to win each battle with skill rather than simply tanking.

Pair Up

This is a game about groups. Getting together with friends is the absolute best way of playing RaiderZ and you’ll find the game gets easier as you find more people to play with. As I said earlier, I’d suggest finding players who want to speak out-of-game, but I’d also help out people who look like they’re struggling. There might not be much in it for you, but big monsters are hard enough, and if they’re dodging, you’ll be able to attack a lot more often.

As you continue through the game, having people you can rely on with become that much more important, so get your friends involved now and enjoy playing RaiderZ together.

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Don’t Be Afraid to Run

It’s sometimes difficult to tell which enemies will be hard to kill and which ones will fall like they’re made of china. If you’ve bitten off more than you can chew – and you will bite off more than you can chew – just be ready to run. The enemy may follow you for some way, so be ready to dodge if you feel you’re about to be hit, but keep true on your course and you’ll either find someone to help you out or the monster will turn back. Wait for regeneration to kick in and then go back on your journey, running away is much better than dying.

RaiderZ Tips - Conclusion

RaiderZ is a different sort of game and your techniques for playing MMORPGs might not necessarily transfer very smoothly. You need to look at things in a different way, you need to slow down and sniff the roses. If you can follow these hints and tips and get a feel for how RaiderZ works, there’s no reason to think that you’ll ever struggle with a big monster or quest again. Share your own RaiderZ tips in the comments section below. Thank you!

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