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World of Tanks: Object 263 Review And Tips

07. October, 2012Tags: MMO Blog, Tips, World of Tanks

Object 263 Review and Tips

This is the beginning of a new series at With this article, we begin our World of Tanks tips and tank reviews. Every weekend, we will be reviewing one of the most powerful and iconic tanks in World of Tanks and will give you tips and strategies. This week, we begin with an exclusive review of the Object 263, one of the most powerful tank destroyers in the game. Continue reading and find out all about the Object 263.



Object 263 Review - World of Tanks

Fast, strong, sniper quality and impressive front armor… In this article, we’re going to take a look at the tank destroyer Object 263 that was added to World of Tanks with Update 8.0.

Tank reviews like this one, are best for beginners who have difficulty picking the right tank tree in World of Tanks. As it’s widely known, Object 263 is the latest tank in 2nd Soviet tank destroyers tree. So this is a must-read for players who currently own a SU-100 but looking to make a decision at this point. And the beginners will have a general knowledge of the Object 263 when they read this article. In the end readers will find the answer to the popular question:  “Object 263 or Object 268?”.

Object 263 - World of Tanks

Strong, Fast and Furious!

Object 263 - The Fastest Tank Destroyer in World of Tanks

Object 263 which was added to World of Tanks with Update 8.0 is the fastest Tier 10 Tank Destroyer. Maximum speed of 55kmph makes Object 263 a very versatile tank. Object 263 is strong and durable enough to take the front lines against the enemy in fast raids. It doesn’t only stand out in the crowd with its top speed but also with its traverse speed. It has an incredible traverse speed of 32 degrees/second. As much as it is known that French tanks dominate in speed, Object 263 beats French Tier10 Tank Destroyer AMX 50 Foch 155 in both maximum and traverse speed. Also its weight of 60 tons make Object 263 a mobile tank.

Ready to play now? Click the image!

250mm Front Armor

Object 263 attracts with its front armor as much as its speed. 250mm front plate is so hard to penetrate. Especially from long range, it is almost impossible! Both the body and the turret is extremely strong. The only weakness is the bottom of its body, otherwise it’s extremely difficult to damage Object 263. (Maybe some damage with the Hight Explosive Shell!) Should you come face to face with this tank with this kind of front armor, you better start praying!

object 263 tank destroyer has a strong front armour

Open-top: Watch out for Arties!

Space Armor

Also known as Space Armor, this kind of front armor is common with Soviet Tanks an deven if you penetrate the enemy tank, you still don’t really damage them. This means, the enemy tank’s HP stays the same. Best case scenario; you damage the tank’s modules and crew. Long story short, if the enemy tank has this Space Armor, you’re not gonna like it!

Weakness against Arties

Object 263 has one big disadvantage despite all the goodies it offers. Because the tank’s top is open, Object 263 is vulnerable against Arties. The open-top causes more damage to the tank and it is also a risk for the tank crew. It would take a single shot from an Arty to destroy your powerful Object 263. This is really a big negative and with the increased number of Arties in game these days, this gets even worse... If you plan to take Object 263, you have to know which path to take to elude Arties.

A Tank Destroyer To Dominate Urban Battles

Tank speed, front armor and amazing gun makes Object 263 a great option in urban battles. This makes them protective against Arties and when they run into enemies, they have a significant advantage. Unfortunately, the lack of a tank turret makes it impossible to hit and run. On the other hand, you can take cover behind a building to take shots from there. If you are not in the range of an Arty, you would still be able to take cover behind buildings without taking any damage. And also on urban maps; take a medium tank by your side and become an invincible machine! While the medium covers your six, you take on the enemies.

Object 263 Characteristics and Configuration

Object 263 impressive with all its characteristics

Cannon That Makes You Go Bullseye!

Object 263, other than its armor and speed, makes a difference with its cannon too. Accuracy, reload speed, focus speed… It’s an all-round great tank! It’s not all perfect. The only downside is the low damage rate. Otherwise it’s a perfect cannon. Its accuracy rate of 0.32 makes it one of the best tanks in game in terms of hit ratio. And its 5.45 ammo/min rate makes it a very fast reloading tank. Its low penetration rate compared to other Tier 10 tanks is negligible. It has a 290 penetration average and its 130 caliber gun doesn’t beat other tanks in terms of damage. Speed, accuracy and reload rate makes up for the low damage. Object 263 is perfect for long range shots. It resembles Jagdtiger’s cannon. Jagdtiger is one of the best Tank Destroyers thanks to its cannon and armor. Therefore, I believe; players who had a Jagdtiger before will easily adapt to the Object 263.

Gun 130mm Object 263


Object 263; despite its disadvantages in terms of damage and Arty vulnerability, its accuracy, speed and strong front armor makes it a hell of a tank destroyer. If you get one of these Object 263’s and use it the right way, you may become your enemies worst nightmare. It’s vital to stay alert and protect your tank from Arties. In our next tank review, we will look at Object 268 and compare it with the 263. Everything considered, it’s highly entertaining to battle with the Object 263. And remember: “It’s the player which defines the actual quality of a tank”.

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