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4Story : Update details

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4Story development team has posted details on the latest update. With this update, Broans can now get the winning nation war reward if they support the victorious nation. This came with the rule that allows Broa players to change their nations once a day. Read on for all the release notes.



- NEW Transfer Upgrade system: Will be re-updated. There seemed to be a bug and we will announce again in detail (apologize to all users for the vague detail about the description) when it does go live.

- NEW Gemstone System: Applying a Gemstone to your items increases its performance level
*Monsters over Iveria will now drop items called Gemstones (Regular Item)
*1 performance level goes up per each gemstone you apply
*When failing on applying a Gemstone, all applied Gemstones will disappear and the increased stats will go back to the way it was.
(IT DOES NOT affect the Item itself when failing at applying a Gemstone)
*How To: Go to the Upgrade NPC and use the Gemstone and the Item you want to upgrade
(the same way when normally upgrading weapons and armor)

- NEW Level Up Rewards:
*level 5: +6 weapon (permanent)
*level 9: +6 Armor (permanent)
*level 15: 8 slot bag, Mission Map Certificate
*level 20: +12 weapon (5day use), Upgrading Magic Scroll (x10), Enchant Scroll (x10), Mission Map Certificate
*level 30: +14 weapon (7day use), Mission Map Certificate
*level 40: +14 weapon (7day use), Mission Map Certificate
*level 50: +16 weapon (10day use), Mission Map Certificate
*level 60: +16 weapon (10day use), Mission Map Certificate
*level 70: +18 weapon (14day use), Mission Map Certificate
*level 80: Mission Map Certificate

- Broans can now get the winning nation war reward if he/she is supporting a nation that won a war.
- Aerial War's Quest reward (obtaining Goddess Leah's Voucher) has been changed to 723Luna 413Cron
- Warrior Bug Fixed – could not put AOE skill in hotbar after a broa warrior chose a nation.
- Broa players can now change their supporting nation once each day.
- No longer have restrictions of not being able to join a nation because of population balance. All Broa players would be allowed to join a nation of their liking 

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