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APB Reloaded : Retail Release (updated)

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apb reloaded at retail stores



Having run into big problems during its first release, APB which is now named as APB Reloaded, a free to play MMO, was rumoured to be preparing for a retail release. However...








If there is any sense in buying a free MMO game at a store, APB Reloaded's publisher Gamersfirst must know that. According to the new on Gamespot, APB Reloaded is going to be sold at retail stores at $30. 

IGS CEO Paul G. Lombardi said that $30.00 price tag will net you $45.00-worth of in-game content.

This may still be a good deal for some of the APB fans who already purchase in game content. However, without knowing what that content is, it is early to speculate.

APB Reloaded is still in beta and the development team has recently released patch.


It looks like this might be only a rumour as Lombardi has pulled his facebook note and it is said that nothing is decided regarding the retail release yet.

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