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Battlestar Galactica Online updated

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BSGO new update

Battlestar Galactica Online has been one of the most popular MMO games of this year. The free to play game that has a solid story based on the famous Sci-Fi series, Battlestar Galactica gets another update today and the new update includes...


Cylons and Humans are still in fight. If you are a BSG fan and still have not played this MMO, you should click the button below and join the battle. With the fast paced PvP action and neverending battle against the Cylons (unless you choose to side with them) will keep you on your toes for long nights.


The new update details:

Battlestar Galactica Online
August 10 2011 Release Notes

This update focuses on stability and bug fixes.

Added server shutdown automated warning system
Fix issue where player loaded into server before client finished loading, leaving them vulnerable to spawn camping
Fixed client stability issues in Arena combat
Fix issue where user sometimes respawns in exact place of death
Fixed readability of health & power UI; removed “bobbing head” avatars
Fix issue with multiple group invites being sent at the same time
Fixed various graphical bugs with ships and interiors
Fix issue where avatar can become stuck on level geometry in abandoned base in 47-Tartalon
Fix various grammar, spelling, and localization issues
Fix timer display issue for skills that take more than 24 hours to learn
Reduce Triad/Prophecy mail frequency
…and many more!

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