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Business Tycoon Online Review


Publisher: DOVO GAME

Released: 2010

Free 2 Play - Browser Based

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Business Tycoon Online is a browser based MMO game in which you create your own company and go into the cruel world of business. You are lucky as you have a very experienced investor who guides you through this game.
Every business owner knows how critical it is to select the right secretary. You will be depending on her. We are shown some of the hottest secretary options with some basic information about them and their lifestyles. As you can guess, we picked the hottest one
Business Tcoon Online
After selecting you secretary, you receive the welcome note from the investor as well as a quest which is a big part of this game. There are serial quests, daily quests and every one of them have rewards for you.
The first quest is `Survival Rules` which suggests you to open a Store and start making some money. Why not? Let’s open our first store! The rewards are 9 Gratis Gold, 2 Attribute points, 1 Credit, 1 Exp and 6 Store Upgrade Points.
Off we go to the city to pick a location for our first store. As we are opening a store, we need customers, therefore We go to Residential Zone and select a location on the map. (- I love this interface, everything runs so smooth without waiting for anything, the interface is neat and appealing as well.)
The first Quest was nothing more than picking a location for your store and naming it. We quickly complete this task and claim the rewards.
Business never stops so we move onto the second quest. “Recruitment”.
We are told to hire some employees. Nothing surprising, eh? We go to the job fair to hire our first employee. The rewards are better this time as you can guess.
Businessmen don’t run on batteries. As every human being, they need to rest too. In the business section, we see some items that can help us decrease our Fatigue Level. Fear not, as you are still a rookie, you don’t need to worry abou Fatigue Level at the moment.
In the Recruitment section we are taken to, we see numerous candidates. You can view their Ability, Salary and Signatures by going into their details page.
The choice is yours but at this moment we go with the first candidate. Easy again! We hire an employee and complete the second quest and pick up the rewards. I don’t like the button that says `Share’ each time you complete a task. That’s right, it’s another Facebook Share button that is not even optional to skip.
Looks like we will stick with the Quests for a while as we are given another one immediately after completion of the second quest.
Purchase and Transport. What else? We have a store now and we even hired an employee. The only thing we need now is to fill the store with goods. We are still guided with arrows that show us where to click to complete these tasks.
We go to the Stores page and purchase goods. Your first purchase and transport is free. Here they are. We need Golds for Express Delivery but pretty much every other option is available with game money.
Oh the sweetest Quest! We are opening our store. With some low-profile promotion that costs us only 10 TCN, we start our new business.
Rewards claiming is really annoying with the Facebook Share screen popping up each time. Let’s overlook this and continue.
Welfare Center gives us `Rookie Package I` which we happily accept.
Welfare Center also offers us 1 Store Upgrade Point if we add Business Tycoon Online to our favorites. Why not?
Investor’s got some good news for us. He will give us up to 100 Gratis Gold for free during our first 3 days of gameplay. Motivating…
Then comes the upgrades and usual Quests that get you more rewards. This is just like any other business and you need to dedicate yourself to these Quests and also keep an eye on messages from your secretary and your investor. Upgrading stores, getting more stock for your stores, getting more and qualified employees will help you grow your business.
Business Tycoon Online is a well constructed business simulation game. The Quests are fun to complete and the instructions are very well designed to help you pick up this game and play in minutes. The monetisation through micro-transactions (which can be very annoying in most MMOs these days) is well balanced. You are not forced to buy anything before you level up to certain degree first.
If you still want to get ahead of the competiton you can buy Gold that starts from $1.00 with your credit card, PAYPAL, moneybookers, gamecard, mobile payments and every sort of payment method.
  • Entertainment: 8/10
  • Graphics: 7/10
  • Tutorial and Learning Curve: 10/10
  • Interface: 9/10



Play Business Tycoon Online for free

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