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Dragon's Call get a 9th server

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Dragon's Call

Everdream has announced the launch of a new server called "Unliving Desert" for the popular MMO title Dragon's Call. The new server is set for launch this morning.



New server, new players and that means new competition. You should check out the new server for Dragon's Call that will go live this morning. 

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According to Everdream's announcement below, the new server is called "Unliving Desert"

EverDream has announced that the 9th server of Dragon's Call by the name of "Unliving Desert" is to be launched at EST 10:00 PM August 24th, 2011. With the first patch of DC 2.0 released a week ago, the new server is very likely to offer players better gaming experiences through a brand-new battlefield.

Dragon's Call is an exciting MMO for those seeking something new. This browser-based fantasy game has exclusive features including: 1) chessboard-like instances; 2) Skycity Arena that allows players to duel with others; 3) Guild War combat system where players have a chance to become Dragon Knights and fight against multiple enemies in groups.

Meanwhile, a vast array of magical items is available for you to diversify your adventurous trip in the game. You can choose to act as a powerful warrior, a wise mage, or an agile and cunning assassin.

The new patch has tied many new functions into Dragon's Call based on players’ advice. It will be easier for newcomers to learn and enjoy this decent free-to-play browser-based MMO. Like many other game publishers, EverDream has also prepared dozens of in-game events to celebrate the new server launch. Looking for a chance to become an in-game hero? Join our 9th server “Unliving Desert” on August 24th, and embark on your monster-slaying journey!

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