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Drakensang New Patch Details

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Drakensang has a new patch

Bigpoint has released a new patch for its highly anticipated browser game Drakensang Online. Drakensang features amazing graphics and lets you become a spellweaver or dragonknight to learn skills and fight thousands of players online in this epic story of Drakensang saga.



Details of Bigpoint's new patch for Drakensang Online:



- The chat has been improved visual and technical. You can start the chat by pressing “Enter”
- We rebalanced the map “Swerdfield Willow”. There are smaller hordes now and the witches summons less attendants
- Some textures of the map “Peatmoor” have been improved


- An issue with the shoulders of the Warrior-model is fixed


- The icons for rare and magic items have the right color now

Quests and Monsters

- New quests around Kingscity

User interface

- The whole UI will be reworked


- A lot of bugs which happed that you were not able to use skills or move the character are fixed
- A very rare crash after death is fixed

Known issues

- On some maps, especially in Dungeons, the camera wobbles uncommonly
- It could happen, that you see some monsters that don’t move and you are not able to kill them
- Long messages go beyond the chat window
- If you enter long messages in the chat, the text would go below the chat window
- New characters are shown with their “player_id” in the chat. Affected users can solve the problem with a logout/login
- Texts in the user interface will be displayed wrong if the game is running embedded in the Browser (standard) or if the game is undock and the user resized the game

Planned updates

- Location map with new functions (show group members, quest targets etc.)
- Based on your feedback, we will redesign the whole skill system (make it more user-friendly)
- We are going to redesign the shop


Drakensang Video:

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