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Empire and State: Play now!

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Empire and State

A brand new MMORPG. Empire and State is a new MMO world. Just like in real life, in Empire & State, you can become a CEO, President or even a Criminal Mastermind and will need real life skills to become successful in this game. Read on for details and sign up link.



This one is new. Check out this exciting MMORPG that will let you play the role you want. 


From the Lead Designer of Demigod

Free to play, empire-based, massively multiplayer
Play in a world inhabited by thousands of other players with agendas of their own where subterfuge, surprise and excitement exist at every turn
Cooperate and work with other real players to build empires, businesses and criminal syndicates

Choose Your Path to Power

Democratically, through politics, followers and charisma
Militarily, through cunning strategy, military force and supremacy
From the shadows, through information, corruption, bribes and espionage
Economically, through influencing, sponsoring and funding the fate of elections and warfare

No More Boring Grind

Influence the world with your creations and wealth or start revolutions to overthrow corruption and bring freedom!
Seize power through the force of your personality, wisdom of your judgments, and sharpness of your cunning
Be the master of your own fate and make your name in the world of business, politics, crime, or war
Fight for your cartel and empire to achieve world dominance

Earn Your Place in History

Lead your empire to global dominance and economic supremacy
Forge mighty empires, multinational corporations, or underground crime syndicates in a world of cut-throat competition
Build an empire or business that leaves your lasting name and legacy on the world
Become wealthy, powerful and influential in an exciting futuristic world

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