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F2P MMO Games of the week

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Summer has arrived and we are enjoying the sunshine. Right? Not! We are still hungering for the best f2p MMO Games like we have not played a single game in years. We simply can't get enough from the joy of gaming. With some new MMO games being released, let's take a look at f2p mmo games of the week





If you are stuck at home despite the lovely weather, pissed off at your girlfriend and just want to get yourself distracted (or if you are just a hardcore gamer like us) how about playing some of the best MMO titles today? Check out our top f2p MMO games of the week. Have fun!




Browser MMO Games Fantasy MMO Games  
Iron Grip Marauders combine the elements of a good Turn Based Strategy Game with Massively Multiplayer Online Games elements. The combination is very promising.  Wizard 101 is the best family MMO out there. Resembling Harry Potter adventures, in Wizard 101, you create your own magician and learn new magics to beat your enemies.  


GUNSHINE: We all know how evil Umbrella Corporation was in the movie and game Resident Evil. Here is another evil corp: Labycore. You need to escape Dawn break city and beat the Labycore with your rebellious friends in this free MMORPG action game.

MICROVOLTS: How many hours have we spent playing Microvolts last month! Select your anime type character and shoot everyone in various game modes and a growing number of fun to play maps in this free shooter MMO game.  
SCI FI MMO GAMES Sports MMO game for free  
Dark Orbit has been the best free space shooter MMO GAME for years. New galaxies, new lifeforms and adventures. Even if you don't dominate the universe one day in this game, it is free to play and highly entertaining. 11x11: Enjoy watching football? How about managing your own team? Well, it's not likely that everyone gets that chance in real life but we have our football management game and it's totally free. 11x11 is a very good football manager game that you can compete against thousands of teams.  
11x11 Free Football Manager Game  
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