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Final Fantasy XIV Balance Reforms

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Final Fantasy patch details

We have got breaking news for Final Fantasy XIV fans. Well, not the hardcore fans as they are probably readin these at the official forums right now. The final letter from the producer reveals more details on the upcoming 1.18 patch.



The letter begins stating the intention to offer a more casual playing experience than before. Being one of the large scale MMORPGs, Final Fantasy XIV will try to get more casual. Developer announces that the game will stop being a grind-centric MMORPG and turn into a game that offers enjoyment for all types of players.

Patch 1.18
As part of the reforms based on the above direction, 1.18 will see the introduction of instanced raids along with the first stages of the battle system reform. In addition to these two areas, which have been discussed in some detail in previous letters, we’ll also be carrying out major revisions to guildleves.

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