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Florensia: New Features

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New Florensia

Alaplaya has announced new features for its MMORPG title Florensia. The latest update adds Attendance System, net pet skills and brings back some of the features that were removed previously.


Florensia have several new features that you should check out if you have played the game or not. It might be a great time to start playing the popular MMO. 

There are several graphics updates as well as gameplay enhancements below:

Check out the new graphics:

New Florensia updates

Attendance System:

This new feature rewards your regular attendance in Florensia. This has been a popular feature in many MMO games, no wonder we see it in Florensia too.

Get your attendance buff (+20% EXP for 1 hour)

New Combat Pet Skills

Your Combat Pets are able to learn Skills from now on! The Skills are available at the Spirit Manager NPC in each town.

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