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Football Superstars 2.4 patch details

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Football Superstars new patch

Cybersports' Football MMO, Football Superstars is going to release a new patch next week. The patch details have been posted on the official forums and we had a chance to play a test game last night. 2.4 version is offering rebalanced gameplay and various enhancements to GUI and character stats.

Football Superstars new 2.4 version


Here are the official notes from Football Superstars website


S 2.4

(Release Date TBC)
Major Feature Changes in this Patch

Football Attribute Effect Overhaul

o All Football Attributes now effect gameplay in more compelling ways to further emphasise character specialisation. See below for more details on the changes...

o The minimum and maximum Stamina pool has been slightly increased.

o Recovery Rate now has a stronger influence on stamina recovery. A player with high Stamina but a low Recovery Rate will be capable of longer sprinting bursts but will require significant rest time between bursts, a player with a high Recovery Rate but a low Stamina will be capable of shorter sprinting bursts with minimal rest time.

o Shooting Accuracy effects are now more pronounced. Only players with the best Shooting Accuracy will be able to land shots exactly where they want them. The effect of low Shooting Accuracy becomes more pronounced as Kicking Power is increased.

o Anticipation now represents a character's ability to balance themselves in a match by drastically reducing the power and accuracy penalties incurred when Stamina is low or a kick is performed behind or to the side of a character.

o Maximum Movement Rate has been increased slightly.

o Hardiness now significantly determines the outcome of player collisions. A player with greater Hardiness is far more likely to bounce weaker players away.

o Hardiness now offers stronger defence against tackles from behind.

o Hardiness now significantly reduces the chances of a player being injured when being slide tackled or performing a slide tackle.

o Ball Control now determines how much Movement Rate is retained when in possession of the ball. A player with high Ball Control will see only a very small movement penalty when in possession of the ball.

o Ball Control now offers stronger defence against tackles from the front.

o The maximum Jumping height has been slightly increased.

o Jumping now determines the power of preload headers (instead of Kicking Power).

o Interception now represents a character's ability to predict the ball path or flight and connect with it. It determines the accuracy of preload headers and volleys (instead of Shooting Accuracy and Kicking Accuracy). Characters with poor Interception ability are capable of "shanking" preload headers and volleys badly. This effect is reduced and eventually eliminated by mastering Interception.

o Interception now reducs the size of the ball landing indicator instead of Spatial Awareness.

o Kicking Accuracy effects are now more pronounced. A player with poor Kicking Accuracy will now find that even short left-mouse kicks along the ground vary just enough in accuracy to make them less exact in tight situations (such as across the face of the goal for a pass). The effect of low Kicking Accuracy becomes more substantial as Kicking Power is increased.

o Pass Timing now determines your maximum pass distance as a proportion of your overall power. A character that does not improve their Pass Timing will find their passing range becomes less effective as they progress in power and onto larger pitches.

o Improving Pass Timing now also improves the chances a pass will remain in the field of play if the pass target is moving towards the side line.

o The higher a player's Pass Timing the more their inaccurate passes will tend to fall in the area forward of a running pass target rather than behind them.

o The speed of passes is now improved with Pass Timing (faster passes reduces the occurrences of characters "slowing down" to wait for and trap mistimed passes).

Injury Time

o FS now has injury time! Each time a break in play occurs, time is added to the match length. This means there is now no tactical advantage in wasting time at set pieces.

General Patch Information

Match Gameplay

o The exclusion zone for penalty kicks has been extended to help prevent players interfering with the shot on goal.

Post Match

o Left-mouse button passes to teammates are now counted as passes for post match stat and Leaderboard calculations.

Gym Training

o Gym Training can now be purchased for a flat 25 FS Credit cost per point in game regardless of what the FS Dollar cost is.

User Interface

o Font rendering has been updated to improve text clarity.
o The sender of a match chat messages (other than yourself) is now highlighted in yellow to more easily distinguish new messages or messages that span multiple lines.

Known Issues

o Windows Vista and 7 users who use font scaling may experience text too large in certain UI panels and on shirts.

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cabelo Tue, 2011-04-19 07:31
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great game!!

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