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Game of the day: Pit of War

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Pit of War

If you are into Gladiators and free browser based MMO games, you are going to love Pit of War. Made by Outcast Games, Pit of War gives you the chance to train your own gladiators as you manage your own Gladiator School. Train the best Gladiator ever and rule the Arenas. Read on for screenshots and more information.



Life is meaningless in the Great Realm. Drunk on slaughter, its armies clash in monstrous battles, its darkened temples reek with the blood of sacrifices, and the slave markets heave with flesh for sale. The beating heart of the Great Realm is the The Pit, where baying crowds hunger for ever more violent spectacles to sate their appetite for mayhem. As 'Master' of your own school you will manage, discipline and train brutal Gladiators, pushing them to become the deadliest fighters imaginable in the arts of death. The blood of the dead stains the sands red every day in the most brutal, merciless and unforgiving Arena the world has ever known...

Prepare to enter the Pit of War!


Pit of War Screenshots Pit of War Screenshots
Pit of War Screenshots Pit of War Screenshots
Pit of War Screenshots Pit of War Screenshots
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