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Gladiatus: 1.3.0 is live

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Gladiatus free mmorpg

The new version of free MMORPG set in Rome; Gladiatus has gone live this week. New update 1.3.0 brings new functions to Gladiatus. Several gameplay updates are applied as well as interface improvements over the previous version. Pirate Harbour and Lost Harbour are the two new dungeons added.


Gladiatus players, if you have not yet seen the newest update, logon now and check out the new 1.3.0 version.


Gladiatus Update notes:


Health points are refilled on levelups.
Travel limitation for Africa lowered from level 25 to level 20.
In battle reports the values of the gladiators are on the same line now for better comparison.
An error with browsing through Circus Turma reports was fixed.
Auction house / Market
The nick of a bidder is not shown anymore (your guild and familia members are excluded from this and will still be shown).
A confirmation popup was added for immediate purchases at the auction house.
You receive an additional bag now when you reach level 20. (non-centurio 4 bags / centurio 5 bags).
The minimum damage of weapons was increased drastically to reduce the randomness in fights.
Arena / CT:
Circus Turma and the arena have been divided completely. This means they have their own cooldown and 1 hour protection. The entry of the CT is still voluntary.
The system generated “victory reward” in the Circus Turma is now depending on the number of “killed” opponents and the number of “survivors” in your own group. The better the result is, the more gold you will receive. So if you kill all opponents, but all your mercenaries survive, you get the best possible victory reward. The rounds need to be adapted to this change and will be raised to 50..
The behaviour of “direct attention to oneself” mercenaries was adapted, they dont attack the healer right away anymore.
In the arena you receive honour and in the Circus Turma you will receive fame.
The description of the Circus Omnipotens was changed to a more detailed explanation.
Tooltips for the comparison of equipped items are now also working in the bags. In this way you can compare easily your equipped items with the ones in your bagpack.
Tooltips were added to the areas which show the required level to enter the area.
The header of the interface was rearranged:
Health points and experience is now shown (with tooltip as known from the overview)
Honour and fame are now shown in the tooltip of the ranking symbol.
The arena and Circus Turma have their own cooldown bar now since they are separated.
Quicklinks are also working when the cooldown is still running.
As soon as all expedition / dungeon points are used, the cooldown bar shows the time until a new exp. / dungeon point is generated.
Seperators for thousands were added to the display of high amounts (several places).
A new dungeon was added at the “Pirate Harbour” (Italy): normal lvl 15 / advanced lvl78
A new dungeon was added at the “Lost harbour” (Africa): normal lvl 45 / advanced lvl100

Special moves of bosses:
Critical damage immunity does not mean immunity against double hits anymore.
Group attacks are directed to all group members now, not only to a random amount.
Achievements / Victories
The layout of the victories was slightly changed.
Draws are now shown in orange again on battle reports.
The generation of dungeon tasks was optimized. The number of wins against NPCs in higher dungeons has now more influence.
The waiting time for tasks was reduced for level 1-7 in accordance to the reduced expedition waiting times.
The maybe most important changes will happen in the Circus Turma. As expected the addition of experience points lowered its attractivity quite a lot, and so we need to adapt some things there. The basic 3 points are: more gold through the victory reward, seperate cooldown and a separate hour protection. Additionally some problems with the behaviour of mercenaries will be fixed and the number of rounds needs to be adapted. Concerning the rounds it needs some more testing to tell you exactly what the amount will be changed to.

The other most important additions are of course the next dungeons. As you can see they will cover four level ranges and will also alleviate the expedition /dungeon distribution problem. I can't give you more infos about the dungeons yet, but a spoiler might follow soon.



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