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Gunshine Review

Genre: RPG

Type: Free to Play

Publisher: SUPERCELL

Release: 2011

Gunshine is a free to play RPG game in which you join Resistance forces to battle the evil company called Labycore who run experiments on citizens of Dawnbreak City.

Escape from Dawnbreak City

Dawnbreak City and the Escape:
That’s what you feel like when you enter the game as your character is walking into this city of future, introduced as a city that will offer you a brighter future.
In Gunshine, you start the game by selecting a character out of three different types; Medic, Bodyguard and Hunter. Depending on your choice, you will be given different tasks in the game. The character customization is fine but not very detailed. However the vivid colors and decent graphics and crisp user interface make the game appealing to any player.
I was excited when I read the story of the game. Dawnbreak City, actually a test lab for a company called Labycore had evilish plans for the citizens who believed they would have a brighter future in this new city.

It’s in our nature. We live with hopes. The new citizens of Dawnbreak City had hopes too. And then there was this Labycore corporation who had evil experiments.
Dawnbreak City is a prison!
As you walk into the city, you run into obnoxious looking officers. Nothing looks bright so far and you are told to hand over your civilian clothes before going in. Officer Smith tells you to step into the car and you do as you are told. It all looks like you are a prisoner now...
While you complete the initial tasks, you are rewarded with money and some items. Prison Warder, officer Carlton welcomes you at the gate and tells you to talk to Officer Barnes. As you hand your immigration documents, you see an officer beating up an inmate behind the fences. Not really what you were looking for...


Your next mission is to find a weapon and talk to Goodspeed. Little arrows on the ground guide you through the missions. Everything is quite linear as you progress. I would have hoped for a more open world.
Wrench is your first weapon
As you find your first weapon which is a regular wrench, you are given another mission by a mercenary. Looks like we will be freeing up an inmate. Smashing a guard with our wrench is quite enjoyable and you level up when you kill two guards in a row.
Talking to other inmates give you insight to what has been going on in here. Apparently people got locked up for criticising Labycore.
Hire mercenaries and they help you escape!
When you free Pretty Roger, you hire him as your mercenary. These mercenaries will help you escape. Just like you hire mercenaries, you can hire your friends when they are offline and it costs less. You hire someone, they help you for 10 minutes. It’s easier once you get some help. Killing the guards is an easy task with the help of your mercenary friend. As you progress, you meet up with other Resistance members. Apparently the Resistance have good plans and they are trying to cause a distraction to help escape.

Once you reach the border of one map, the game loads for a few seconds and you reach the other map.
You can set your mercenary to aggressive mode and he will automatically attack enemies in sight. This is risky as it is better for you to attack enemies together. The default is the defensive mode and if you want your mercenary to stay passive, you can switch on the Passive mode.
Skills come in handy!
You can use your SKILLS to attack the enemies with more power. For instance, the Rude Smash skill gives you more strength when you hit your enemies. Once you activate a skill and use it, it has a cool down period for about 10 seconds before you can use it again.
You find various weapons as you progress. Always a pleasure to find a bazooka! You can shoot turrets with it.  Keep an eye on the XP bar as you level up by gaining XP’s from completed missions.

When you kill all the guards and one turret you move to a new area called “Freedom” as Rachel welcomes you there. This new area is full of Resistance members.
Outside the Dawnbreak City! Resistance rulez!
It is a relief to be outside the Dawnbreak City as you move into the Resistance zone and talk to Resistance members for new missions. I will leave the rest of the story to you.
Game development:
The game is in Beta Stage and it’s being actively developed. Supercell has already released the 0.3.46 version today and it offers a smoother gameplay as its major update.
I didn’t spot any obvious bugs when I played the game but I see loads of Game Balance Tweaks in release notes of 0.3.46 patch and it looks like Gunshine will be in a strict development in the following months.
Story and Quests:
The game story is not unique but it is surely interesting and it is always enjoyable to join Resistance forces and fight bad corporations in games. The mercenary hiring system is working well despite the limited 10 minute hiring duration.
There are various missions and most of them are enjoyable as you save Resistance friends from the hands of Labycore.
Graphics and Sound:
Graphics are lovely. Every object you see have decent detail and the ligtning effects are pretty good. The character animations are good and the user interface is excellent. Even after only a few minutes of gameplay, you don’t have any problems locating buttons or your inventory. Everything is in right place and it takes only half an hour to master the controls and the interface.
Skills and Items
You can buy items with game dollars or diamonds. I didn’t see any special items which you can buy with diamonds only. While you level up, make sure you buy new skills from skill trainers. Skills are only available at certain levels so you will have to keep levelling up to get better skills.
Monetisation and Prices
The game is free to play but you can buy diamonds for extra power. 75 diamonds are priced at $1.99 which seems to be reasonable. You can pay via PAYPAL, Credit Card or mobile as well as other popular payment methods.
Final Words:
Gunshine looks promising with its story. Mercenary hiring system will allow you interact with other players. There are tones of items and skills to exlore while the story keeps you in the game as you fight the corporation with your Resistance member friends.
Graphics are very nice for a Flash based browser game. Characters and surrounding objects are well modeled and the GUI is clean . There are helping tips everywhere. Any player can learn the game within minutes.
It will be much more fun when you start interacting with other players and team up to fight the corporation.
The good:
Good story
Nice graphics and decent GUI
Easy to learn
Free to play
The bad:
Missions are linear and too easy
Interaction with the environment is limited


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