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Iron Grip: Marauders : New Infantry units

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New infantry units are added to Iron Grip Marauders, free to play 3D strategy browser game. Development team has just announced the addition of Elite Troopers and Mortar Team. The team also underlined that new infantry units were suggested by a player.




It looks like ISOTX, developer of Iron Grip games are listening to players demands. Announced last night, Iron Grip Marauders (browser based free strategy MMO game) has 2 new infantry units. These will be added to the game in the next patch.

Here is the information we gathered from official forums.



Information: More powerful troopers, with golden armor and a longer gun compared to their 'normal' counterparts.

Elite Troopers are highly proficient at kicking infantry ass!

Iron Grip Marauders Elite Troopers Iron Grip Marauders Elite Troopers



The Mortar Team is armed with a long-ranged heavy mortar which needs to be deployed to fire.

One of the advantages of the Mortar Team over vehicle based artillery is greater freedom of movement - men can fit through tight alleyways where heavier artillery can't go. These long distance dealers of destruction do good damage against all enemy types!

Iron Grip Marauders Mortar Team

Source: Marauders official forum

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