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Iron Grip: Upcoming Features

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ISOTX announced upcoming features to its Turn Based Strategy MMO ; IRON GRIP: MARAUDERS. Following the latest patch that was deployed this week, ISOTX will add new heroes to game. It's not only about new heroes but we will see gameplay enhancements as well. Read on for details.




From IRON GRIP MARAUDERS official website:

Today (FRIDAY!) we felt like giving you a glimpse of an upcoming gameplay feature in Iron Grip: Marauders!

Even though it's obviously not yet possible to be bored with the patch we only launched yesterday, we already want to give our eager Marauders a sneak preview of goodies to come!

In an upcoming patch you will be able to train 'hero' units, and they will be present throughout the game, including in quests!

These hero units are very powerful and can be a great addition to an army. If you lose them, they can be rebuilt, but it's expensive!

Emilia - a kickass sniper hero and is rightly feared on the battlefield, she will let you wield pinpoint firepower at long range, lethal against infantry.

Farlix - I'm sure you recognize Farlix from the tutorial missions, well now you'll be able to control him in certain quest missions, as he commands his own custom Devastator tank!

Vancer - An ace tank commander hero, his tank will provide you with some impressive armored firepower!


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