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MMO History: Part 1

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Did you know the first ever virtual world was created back in 1974. There was no such thing as "internet" those times but there was the ARPAnet, known as the forerunner of today's internet. The first virtual world was ...



In 1974, Mazewar was created as the first graphic virtual world in the history of games. It was also known as Maze Game and Maze. It was the simplest version of a first person shooter game in which the players ran around a maze, going four directions at 90 degree increments. Players were seen as eyeballs and they could shoot other players (eyeballs).


It is said that Mazewar was originally created in 1973 but the fully networked edition was done in 1974. The first step was to enable two players play the game at the same time and later in 1974, it was a network game.






 This video shows Mazewar on Xerox Alto

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