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Operation Gamma 41 : First impressions

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Operation Gamma 41 beta

As the open beta for Operation Gamma 41 has started, we joined the beta testers and wanted to write our first impressions. Having played only for a limited time, we can still say that Operation Gamma 41 has the potential to be an addicting strategy game. Read on for first impressions and screenshots.



Whenever there is a strategy war game, I have the urge to take a day off and start playing it. Operation Gamma 41 is a browser based strategy game from Just A Game. The story is one of those we are all familar with. There is chaos, there is war and you have to select a side.

The game begins with telling you how it all started. The controversy and the chaos. You first select your side. There are two factions; Free Allies who are courageous enough to push into enemy territory during the early days of chaos however they soon found out they were alone and it would take a long time to be free again.

The other side is Axis Forces who conquered as many cities as they could but they forgot to protect their homeland which is partially captured by the enemy.

Operation Gamma 41

No matter which faction you choose to side with, you get promoted to a rank where you are responsible for pretty much everything that goes on in your new city.

Like a classic strategy game, in Operation Gamma 41 you need to keep an eye on resources while you establish your military forces and keep the security level high in the city. You also manage economics as you decide the tax rate. You can recruit residents limited with your resources while you try to increase productivity by upgrading your facilities. You need more workers to produce more resources at the Farm, Lumbermill, Steel Mill and Oil Rig.

There is also an Arena Mode where you can battle against other players in real time. One nice feature is that you can also view other players battling as a spectator. This is very useful for beginners as they can pick up many tactics from the advanced players.

Operation Gamma 41

The tech center is for you to develop new technologies and research. There is a market place where you can trade resources with other players and there is Embassy building where you can try and join a Legion.

The game will take some hours for you to learn how to produce resources and strengthen your forces but once you pick up the basics there is so much to work on in Operation Gamma 41

The interface is very well designed and you can see everything clearly to manage your city. Graphics are nice and the game loads very quickly in your browser without the need of a download.

Operation Gamma 41

Strategy gamers will not feel like a stranger as it has the typical elements of a strategy MMO. 

We will have a full review when the game is released after open beta. Don't hesitate to share your views of the game by commenting below.

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