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Pandora Saga: Introduction

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Pandora Saga free to play MMORPG


If you are into PvP battles in MMORPGs, make sure you give Pandora Saga a chance. Atlus Online's free to play MMORPG title offers several ways to engage PvP battles. 



Choose a class from 6 options; Humans, Elves, Myrines, Enkidus, Lapins or Dwarves and fight for dominance in this MMORPG.

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Pandora Saga's story:

In ancient times, a Great Empire once dominated the whole world under the rule of one King. The King was granted this power due to his possession of the ancient artifact known as Pandora. He was beloved for his infinite kindness and presided over a long age of peace and harmony. One fateful night, peace was shattered as the night sky was lit ablaze with large balls of fire showering down upon the earth, turning everything they touched into ash. Overnight, the once great empire was reduced to rubble and any trace of Pandora was lost with it.

Game Trailer:

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