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Prime Battle for Dominus: First details

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prime battle for dominus mmorpg

Pitchblack games has released more details on the nearing MMORPG (which is also just announced) Prime Battle for Dominus. First details reveal the combat system.The game centers around the development of your character in a large, rich, story driven universe where each faction struggles for the Prime element.






Of the many fun things to do in the game, one of the most important, if not the most important is combat. We want you to feel connected to your character and for combat to be a satisfying experience. Because of this we've spent an enormous amount of time refining it to be smooth and responsive.


According to the small intro to the combat system, there will be six classes for each faction but Pitchblack games target more classes by putting variety in the classes themselves. 

Prime battle for dominus

There will be maps with thousands of players trying to control key areas. Targeting, health, energy death penalty and grouping features are not really unique nor interesting. There is however one feature called "crowd control" that seems to be interesting. It is defined as Crowd control used wisely adds a very strategic element to combat. Crowd control takes the form of stuns, slows, and "mez-es". Each player gets the basic ability to break each of these, and as with all abilities, skill points can be spent to make the ability more powerful.

We will try to get more details from Pitchblack games shortly.


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