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Rift: Addons API

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rift new addons api

At the community forums of Rift, the development team has given more details about the development of the new Addons API. According to this post, we will have more details soon about the new addons API that will allow players to customize Rift's User Interface.


From Rift forums:


Hi all,

As some of you have no doubt discovered, the initial implementation of our Addons API has recently been released on the Public Test Shard. We will be releasing more details, guidelines, and documentation for the intended usage of Addons in the coming days.

We remain committed to our policy that, when we do release the API to live shards, the API meets our expectations and is supported with the highest standards. Addons, Skins, and other modifications to the User Interface must not interfere with the quality and stability you have come to expect. To that end, we must also ensure that the API will not be abused and allow players to automate their play.

While we’ve provided a robust default UI we understand the desire to customize and make it your own. In the end, we want to deliver something of quality and continue to iterate this feature with you once it is live to give everyone the greatest chance to help this system evolve.

We have opened up this new forum section and invite developers to collaborate together and with us while we prepare this feature for release – thanks for your interest, and stay tuned!


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