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Seafight: Crystal Raiders

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Seafight players or should we say Pirates; there are new Crystal Raiders sailing across the seas looking for the precious crystals. Your goal is to spot these NPCs and stop them. Use flares to stop them and score crystals and the Queens Legacy.





The discovery that Aquaya’s crystals possess great powers has caused quite a stir on the seven seas. Ruthless bands of Crystal Raiders now scour the seas looking for them, raiding anything that crosses their path. They’ll stop at nothing to get their hands on these crystals and amass endless power.

Show no fear and challenge these evil bandits. Damage their ships, then board their vessels and steal the precious booty they have plundered from other ships. It shouldn’t be too hard; after all, you know their weakness: Flares! Chase down the raiders now, before they dump their cargo into the seas and you’re left empty-handed.

How to recognize Crystal Raiders:

You’ll find NPCs with Crystal Queen designs sailing across the map. If you fire flares at them, they’ll suffer 50% more damage than they usually would. All other kinds of ammo can also be used on them. Pearl and experience point rewards will be divided among the attackers. The person who delivers the final blow and the person who causes the most damage also has the chance to score crystals and the Queen’s Legacy.

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