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Star Trek Infinite Space: New Ships

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Star Trek Infinite Space by Gameforge

Gameforge's upcoming title Star Trek Infinite Space has released new starship images available in their unity player supported media section. Checkout the 3D Ship Models as new ships are added weekly. We have captured some images for you in case you don't have Unity plugin installed.



from Star Treak official game site:

In this section, we will add a new 3D ship model every week (these models will be used in the game!). We will show you a great variety of ships. Like for the game later, you will need the Unity3d Webplayer Plugin to see the ships. So check in here often to see the fleet grow. Click the select box to choose the ship you want to see.


While we wait for Star Trek, we've got BattleStar Galactica Online

Click and drag into the graphics to examine the ships from top to bottom. You can zoom-in and out using your mousewheel.


view 3d models at


Here are a few images for you:

Star Trek Starship Models
Federation Defiant Class Ship Federation Defiant Class Ship
Federation Defiant Class Federation Defiant Class
Federation Galaxy Class Federation Galaxy Class
Klingon Bird of Prey Klingon Bird of Prey
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