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War 2 Glory : Patch Notes

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War 2 Glory new update details

War 2 Glory has just been updated to its latest version. This latest update has changed how players in Truce interact with other players and included asome updates to the United Offensive Dispatch Maximum Numbers. Read on for all the details of this update.



War 2 Glory is a free to play real time strategy MMO game. Take on the role of a Commander who must lead the development of his war-torn city, expand into new territories and conquer the game world.


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War 2 Glory Update Details (07/07/2011):

Truce Updates

We have been aware that players in Truce have been able to take a wide number of actions while under the effects of a Truce.

One of the first changes is to remove the ability of having your troops stationed in an Alliance Members city while under the effects of Truce.

So all players who wish to start a Truce will be required to recall all of their troops from other player cities.

In addition while under the effects of Truce you cannot dispatch your troops to an Alliance member's City.

United Offensive Updates

Players are now able to dispatch troops in greater numbers when taking part in a United Offensive.

When attacking as part of a United Offensive, up to 4 players can now dispatch troops up to the same Manpower Cap as the leader of the offensive. This figure cannot be greater than their own Maximum Manpower Cap however.

For example, Player A invites Player B to take part in a United Offensive. The Capacity of Player A is 150 000, however he only sends 120 000 troops. This means that Player B can send up to 120 000 troops on the offensive, to match his Leaders contribution.

If player B has a cap smaller than 120 000, then he can only send troops up to the value of his own Maximum Manpower Cap.

This attack can be performed with up to 4 commanders! This should mean that much, much larger battles are possible!

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