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Firefall: Founder's Pack and Patcher Issues

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Firefall Locust Ground VehicleFirefall is my favorite shooter. It's a shooter you can play 3rd person or 1st person and the gameplay continues to evolve with new updates. It’s still and always will be in Beta but that’s the way it is and it's free. It’s a naturally born beta shooter. For what it’s worth, it’s an incredible shooter. Today, we will look at the fanciest item of the Founders Pack, the light ground vehicle “Locust”. We also have some ranting about the patcher. Join us for a ride with Locust when you continue reading.

Give me my Locust, oh **** that Patcher!

Let’s start with the bad. Suddenly, Firefall’s patcher started to act weird. Several players have been reporting issues with either the installer or the patcher since October. Unfortunately, I was one of them too. Having failed updating to the latest build numerous times, I had decided to give up playing the game (with so many games to play, we are spoiled.) until last week. Finally, Red 5 developers have come up with a couple of workarounds. First recommended solution was to use the new version of the patcher (the test version). It didn’t work. The second and probably the not-so-pleasant solution was to remove Firefall and download the latest full-installer. The installer is around 4GB so it’s not that bad, considering other MMOs which come in crazy sizes.

Firefall - Vehicles

It's dark and it's miles away. Where is my chopper!

Back in New Eden

Finally, I was back at Copacabana beach, looking at even more players than the last time I was there. With thousands of beta invitations sent out in the last 6 weeks, now there are players almost everywhere on the map. There used to be deserted zones back in the old days of Firefall.
OK so I was back and all the fancy items included in the Founders Pack was delivered to my inventory. Now before I talk about the Locust vehicle, I have to mention a few improvements I have noticed so far. I don’t know if I’m right but the game looked somewhat better. I guess they have improved lighting and shadows but whatever it is they’ve changed, the game looks great. (Chances are I got used to ugly looking FPS games recently, suddenly Firefall looked fantastic.)

It's a Chopper Baby!

Soooo, ready for a ride baby? Here is my fancy little light ground vehicle the Locust. Finally delivered to my inventory as a part of Firefall Founder's Pack - The Commander. I have to say, this vehicle rocks. Not because it looks beautiful, it’s because it makes it so much faster and entertaining to drive uphill as you go from one checkpoint to another. You can also elude all the nasty monsters and enemies if you don’t feel like taking them on at 2:00 AM when you barely can see anything. You can drive them over but it doesn’t hurt them a bit. Noone will accuse you for a hit and run tho! (not he flashlight doesn’t cut it). Speaking of light, make sure you test the horn and drive with floodlights off. (Haha it’s fun!) Of course, I didn’t forget to show off my Locust around. See the video below for more on Locust vehicle. I’m out.

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