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Restart Letteroids

About Letteroids

Letteroids was originally developed by Dino Dini for the "Acorn Atom" around 1981 as the developer’s 1st ever assembler only game. The original game ran on a 1Mhz 8 bit 6502 in 6K of ram. With a friend, Dino turned the game into a coin-op and set it up at school to raise money for a research project, and about 400 games were played raising around 40 pounds.

In 2011, 30 years after its first version, Letteroids comes back at MMO reviews website with its new look and gameplay. The game is powered by Unity, the popular game engine that can produce high quality browser based game.

This new version of Letteroids offers fast paced oldschool shoot’em up experience combined with puzzle problem solving in your web browser. Each level has been designed to offer a very challenging experience. Players will compete in special Letteroids events to win prizes ranging from free PC games to gaming hardware.

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