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Aeria Announce Soldier Front 2

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soldier front 2Aeria Games announced its upcoming MMOFPS game with tactical combat: "Soldier Front 2". Soldier Front 2 will feature teamwork oriented and skill based gameplay. The free to play first person shooter game is still in development and it is expected that Aeria Games will launch the Closed Beta testing this summer. Read on for the announcement.


New MMO shooter from Aeria

If you asked me my favorite MMO genre for 2013, I wouldn't think twice. It's "shooter" for sure. Aeria Games is known with hundreds of titles for multiple platforms and it was only a matter of time they announced a shooter game. Today, we find out about Aeria's upcoming FPS game "Soldier Front 2". According to the announcement the free to play title will include all the classic elements of modern shooters as well as a strategic combat Aeria has not given the details of yet. 

There will be several game modes in Soldier Front 2. So far we know the two of them. Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch. What else! Seizure, Sabotage, and Escape modes will be for the teamwork minded players. 

The maps will be specific to each game mode and some of the maps will be limited to a game mode. So far, you haven't read anything special for an MMOFPS. Aeria is planning to organize leagues and tournaments with the launch of the game. If they can live up to this promise, this could easily become a very popular and competitive game with the user-base Aeria's got. 

We expect to hear more on Soldier Front 2 and we will be covering the Closed Beta surely. You can go to the official site and sign up for it too. 

Soldier Front 2

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