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Age of Conan: New crafting system

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Age of Conan new craftingIn the latest monhtly development update for Age of Conan, we find out more about the crafting system changes that the developers have been working on. Obvisouly the developers have chosen to build a completely new crafting system instead of improving the current system.



Age of Conan - New crafting system

Age of Conan's new development update for February has revealed the details of the upcoming crafting system. We knew the crafting system was going to undergo some changes but we didn't know it was being remade from scratch.

With the new system, there won't be any need for a series of quests to level up your skills.

The concept of progression being linked to a series of - often awkward - quests will be completely removed. Progression in crafting and gathering will now be linked to actually making items and using the relevant skills. There will be no more make or fetch quests required to level-up your skills...

Nodes are changing completely. There will be more locating and the random attacks will be removed. There will be a refining process which means players will be able to turn a raw material into a better version of it.

Components and effects will be required to make an item. Every players will have a base recipe for the base of an item. 

So if, say, you are going to make weapons using the Forging skill, you will already "know" the recipe for the base of a sword, for instance. Each item requires between two and five components. Some may be raw materials, and some may be made, bought or dropped as loot.

There will be ingredients you can add to a recipe, allowing the depth in the crafting system. Once you combine three particular items, there will be unknown bonuses such as extra Critical rating. These bonuses won't ever be visible anywhere and players will have to find these through experimentation. 

So the "Red Jewel" may be adding Strength, the "Old Bone Dust" might be adding Constitution, and the "Giant's Blood" may be contributing towards Combat rating.

 Another change to the crafting system is that the process will now take time to complete. If you are working on a complex item, the process will take longer to complete. There will be a crafting queue that will expans as you level up.

The update will feature these crafting system changes. We should actually call it a new crafting system which sounds really good from what we have read so far. There will also be new content such as the new raid content which promises a fantastic atmosphere... We shall only wait and see.

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