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Age of Wushu: 4th Server Goes Live

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Age of Wushu Red Phoenix server is liveIf you have been following our Age of Wushu section this year, you may remember that we have been extremely positive about it. Despite some glitches here and there, the launch was fantastic for the game's publisher Snail Games. Last weekend, Snail has announced a fourth Age of Wushu server to keep up with the increased popularity of the martial arts MMORPG. Continue reading for the details of this brand new server.


Age of Wushu: New Server "Red Phoenix" Goes Live

What is Wushu? First of Wall, Wushu is Martial Arts in Chinese. This has been asked several times on our YouTube channel. (Oh, you can go there and watch our Age of Wushu gameplay videos if you haven't.) So we wanted to clarify that once again.

Secondly, the game has launched and with the increasing number of players registering for this free MMO game, Snail Games decided to launch a new server last weekend. This new server called "Red Phoenix" will have the same identical launch events that were initially planned for White Tiger and Black Tortoise. 

The new server "Red Phoenix" will be open for new players on the same day as the retail box version of game is going to be released: April 23rd.

Play Age of Wushu for free

Visit our special Age of Wushu section for all the details on this martial Arts MMORPG, which is also known as the first Jet Li MMO game.


Age of Wushu Trailer

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