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Age of Wushu: First Look at Meridian System

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Age of Wushu meridiansAge of Wushu is launching next month and as the release date is nearing, developers continue posting more details for the fans of the game. The martial arts MMORPG does have unique features like its combat system but we never thought the character development would include accupoints and Chinese beliefs. This is called the Meridian System that consists of nine meridians players can unlock. Continue reading to find out more on Age of Wushu's meridian system.


Age of Wushu: Meridian System and Cultivating

Call it character development or cultivating, this is going to take more than just collecting points in Age of Wushu. Instead, Age of Wushu's special meridian system will allow players developer their characters by following some of the ancient Chinese beliefs. The system is based on Chinese beliefs and it is about Chi that flows through the body. A belief that is related to the acupuncture as you know it. 

Age of Wushu's meridian system

Developer your character by collecting Chi and unlocking Meridians

Acupuncture? No, you're not going to have needles in Age of Wushu. It's just an inspiration and players will need to continue fighting to collect Chi. Chi wll be collected from fights and combat. Players will select a meridian and then start collecting the required amount of Chi. 

Age of Wushu : A Martial Arts MMORPG

Once a player collects enough Chi, a meridian will be unlocked and player will continue unlocking other meridians. Breaking through more channels of the body and mastering more meridians will be used to boost abilities and change the way player’s set up skills altogether. Our guess is that this will be like an attribute and skill booster. So when is Age of Wushu going to be released? That's April 10. I guess we have to wait until April 10th and find out more on this Meridian system firsthand.

That's all on Age of Wushu today but check out our Age of Wushu section for more coverage.

Age of Wushu Meridian System window

Age of Wushu's Meridian System explained - click the image to enlarge


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