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APB Vendetta announced

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APB Vendetta announcedReloaded Productions, the maker of APB Reloaded has just announced its upcoming companion title "APB Vendetta". The new title is in early stages of development and it combines gameplay of a modern FPS with the freedom of movement we are familiar with from APB Reloaded. The game will feature melee combat and combo system that also allows players to customize their own finishing moves. It will also feature some acrobative moves like sliding, diving and wall-running. Read on for first details along with a set of screenshots.


APB Vendetta announced

APB Vendetta is Reloaded's upcoming title that the developer has just announced at GDC 2013. The companion title to APB Reloaded will be an online FPS game that aims to combine the fast paced action of today's popular FPS titles with the freedom of movement seen in John Woo movies (says the developer). You can even slow down time in APB Vendetta!

APB Vendetta screenshot 1

Reloaded Games’ CEO Bjorn Book-Larsson said: “We wanted to create a product that addressed requests by players who prefer to simply pay upfront for the full competitive game to get all the content in one go, and then let players treat their game-wide modifications more like Open Source modifications that can be shared freely in the community.”

APB Vendetta is going to be a buy to play game that will allow players to pay once and get all the content upfront. Players will have tools to create entire game mods that can then be shared with other gamers in the Vendetta Community System.

APB Vendetta screenshot 2

Vendetta will first be released on the PC and it will follow with ports to PlayStation®4.

What's also interesting is that the games will be tied together. Vendetta will be tied to APB Reloaded universe with storylines and events of San Paro.

There will be private server support if players want to create a custom gaming experience. With modding tools at their service players will be managing their own game. The developer has launched the Kickstarter campaign for APB Vendetta which you can see here

APB Vendetta screenshots

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