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Aurora World: Meet the Majinns

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MajinnAurora World by Aurora Interactive is a fantasy MMORPG that is very popular mainly in China. Aurora Interactive has just launched the new video series for the MMORPG and today we get to see the first episode. In this first episode of the new Aurora World video series, we are being introduced to Majinn in the funniest way you could imagine. Read on to view this hilarious video.


Aurora World: Majinns

While most of the videos for MMOs are generic and same old same old, this one is going to make you laugh, surely. In the first episode of a new series for the fantasy MMORPG Aurora World fans of the game find ou more about the Majinn.  Majinns are unique hybrid pet/mount system but they are extremely unique and beautiful creatures. Don't even compare them to any other pet in another MMORPG because they are seriously nothing like you have seen before.

They come in many forms and they are very loyal. Once a player gathers a majinn, the majinn will be their companion forever.

If you want to get one of these you will have three methods. Quests, Item mall and drops.


Majinns are both companions and mounts.  With the soul capturing ability, the Majinn can absorb an enemy’s soul and increase its special skills. This also means that, as soon as you level up your Majinn, it will learn new abilities and skills. Enjoy the video!

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