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Blacklight Retribution: New Missions Offer Chance Pack Rewards

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Blacklight rewards for daily and hourly missionsBlacklight Retribution fans will like this one. We all know how it feels when you have your eyes on a special item but you don't have the cash at the moment. We're talking about purchasable items. Blacklight Retribution was no different. If you wanted a T56 Trident or a AT-D4 Deployable Turret, you would need to get it at in-game store. With the introduction of the new daily and hourly missions, players get the chance to win exlusive items such as loadout slots or receivers. Read on for a full list of available items as rewards.


Blacklight Retribution: Daily and Hourly Mission Rewards

Blacklight Retribution has got hundreds of unique items available for shooter fans but only if you have enough tokens. With the new daily and hourly missions, players now get the chance to win one of these special items as a reward. Let it be a Revolver or a Bolt Action Rifle, or even a AK470 rifle, players can unlock a reward from the new daily and hourly missions in Blacklight Retribution.

Hourly missions will be reset every 60 minutes so you'll have to finish the mission from start to end in 60 minutes. Most of the hourly missions will offer Mission Chance Packs as rewards and these packs include depot items, equipment, receivers and more.

Blacklight Retribution New Missions and New Rewards

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Apart from gold tokens available as rewards now, the following items are also available as Mission Chance Pack rewards. How about an Easter Egg Weapon tag for your favorite weapon? I know it sounds ridiculous but if you care to spice up your SMG with a colorful Easter Egg, you can do it now! If you want proof, check out the image below.

Blacklight Retribution weapon tag for Easter

not my style but you can add an Easter tag to your weapon

Blacklight Retribution's new Daily and Hourly Missions: Some of the rewards available 

  • M4X Rifle
  • AK470 Rifle
  • Heal Injector Mk.1
  • Repair Tool
  • Ammunition Pod Mk.1
  • Barricade Mk.1
  • Revival Injector Mk.1
  • Cloak
  • Hardsuit HRV Ping
  • Hardsuit Battle Mode
  • Respawn Beacon
  • Firewall Breach Kit
  • HRV Cloak
  • RL2a Swarm
  • RG057 Ghost
  • A36 Brimstone
  • GL-7 Bear Claw
  • T56 Trident
  • AT-D4 Deployable Turret
  • KTN8 Katana
  • HardSuit HRV Decoy
  • MK1 Assault Bot
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