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Blacklight Retribution: Weapon Systems to be updated

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Blacklight Retribution weapon system to be updatedPerfect World's popular shooter Blacklight: Retribution is about to undergo some changes. These changes will please fans of the game, most likely... According to the latest post by Blacklight's community manager, devleopers have worked on a new weapons system to give playes a more visceral experience. This is all being done to allow players to be able to predict where exactly the next bullet will go and better understand their weapons. Continue reading for first details.


Blacklight Retribution's Weapon System To Be Revamped

Blacklight Retribution is one of the finest shooters we have played in 2012. That still means there is room for improvement. Developers have been working on a new weapon system and today we get to find out the first details of the upcoming system.According to the post on Blacklight forums, the new weapon system add Randomized Recoil patterns, and remove the spread bloom.

In Blacklight, when you fire your weapon, the recoid is mostly vertical but the bullet spread increases as you continue firing in a consecutive fashion. This is all going to change withe the new weapon system. With the new system, weapons accuracy will remain consistent but the each bullet will have a randomized pattern. (aim wise).

Blacklight Retribution: Evacuation

Weapon System to be updated in Blacklight Retribution. Click the image to read our Blacklight Retribution review

This way players will have a better understanding of where the next bullet is going. In other words, you will be able to anticipate where the bullets go. SMGs will have smaller recoil with more horizontal kick, Assault Rifles will have larger vertical recoil, and LMGs will have larger starting recoil.

With all these changes, players will have distinct and unique weapons when they customize them.  Players will be customizing a weapon based on 4 basic categories effect your weapon (Accuracy, Stability, Movement, and Damage).

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