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Bringing Rohan to Life: Music by Chance Thomas

in Lord of the Rings Online, News

Lord of the Rings Online's upcoming expansion Riders of Rohan not only features new regions and mounted combat but it also features an amazing and new soundtrack. The composer artist Chance Thomas speaks about this inspirations and Lord of the Rings Online in this new Riders of Rohan video. Read on to watch the new video.



Riders of Rohan - Chance Thomas speaks about the soundtrack he composed for the expansion

How does an elf sing? How does a dwarf sing? These are some of the questions artist Chance Thomas asked himself to understand how hobbits, dwarves sang and how did Tolkien envisioned it all. He believes the players of the game forget that they are in front of a computer and how they feel like they are in the center of the story itself. From what we have heard so far, Chance Thomas did a fantastic job. What he says about the gamers is exactly how a LotRO player feels (at least I feel that way when I play the game).

The main idea was always to create music that was authentic. Also in the video, Mitch Cohen the director and Chris Pierson, world designer, discusses how challenging it was to create Rohan, something the fans of the novel imagined it to be. 

It looks like the development team has been working seriously hard on every detail to bring Rohan to life, something that belongs to the genius of J.R.R. Tolkien, something that Chance Thomas defines as "Sacred".

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